Tumpek Pengatag ~ blessings for the grass, trees, crops and plants.

Today is Tumpek Pengatag, where the Balinese Hindus celebrate and bless the plants and trees. This is held 25 days before Galungan on the Balinese calendar. Balinese Hindus give their offerings to plants as an expression of gratitude for the food and many roles plants play to assist in life.
Blessings take place all over the island throughout villages and temples, with people creating arrangements of flowers and fruits as offerings. Whether Hindu or not – Tumpek Pengatag is a day to remind all people to respect, take care of, and live in harmony with nature .


Tiki Painting Class for the kids at Bermain ~ Toy and Gift Shop Brawa.

This weekend at Bermain ( 33 Jalan Pantai Brawa ) in Canggu, they are holding fun craft class painting these awesome Tiki wood carvings. They make a great wall hanging or room decoration. My boys love meeting other island kids from around the world. This session is suitable for ages 7+ & you can buy tickets in store for 350k inc tax, materials & snack. Phone +62 812-3766-9042.

521Tiki Painting

Bali to offer FREE Visa on Arrival as of January 1 2015.


Great news for families and frequent travellers to Bali with the Ministry of Tourism going to be giving free visas to tourists from five countries starting in January 2015. The visa on arrival ( for 30 day holiday visas) is currently $35 USD for each person entering Bali, which can add up if your travelling as a family or enter Bali several times each year. China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Australia will be included in the visa waivers was made by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. ” We expect the free visas we will become effective in January 2015,” Arief promised. I will keep you all posted and will update the Arrivals and Departure Section in the Little Miss Bali App as soon as it happens. YAY more cocktails, massages and nasi goreng for everyone.

Tumpek Landep ~ Blessings for all things metal, tools and particularly the mind.

Today Balinese Hindus celebrate Tumpek Landep. Saying thanks to all metal tools and objects and praying for a sharper mind. Balinese believe the greatest weapon is their mind, they wish for more intelligence, to overcome their enemy and objects in life such as poverty and bad choices. You may notice hand made ‘sampian’ decorating motorbikes, cars, even gym equipment and ceremonies and offerings to say thanks Xxx





Saraswati ~ The Goddess of Knowledge and Learning.

Selamat Hari Raya Saraswati. Today Bali Hindus celebrate and recognise the Goddess of knowledge Saraswati. She is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts and nature. She is symbolised with four hands representing 4 elements of human personality in learning including the mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She wears all white which represents purity and rides on a white swan. Here is my friends little daughter Viona ready for For her Saraswati Ceremony.


Ear plugs are sometimes a really good idea when travelling in Bali.

Consider travelling with ear plugs, or grab some from the Apotek ( chemist ). Bali is a vibrant yet noisy island and if you really want to enjoy some sleep then you may benefit greatly having these on hand. From motorbikes, nosey neighbours, late arrivals /early departures from the hotel, construction sites, night club base, aeroplanes overhead ( louder in Alang Alang thatched roof villas and hotels) fireworks, roosters, dogs, cats, insects ( more so on the Bukit and Ubud), calls to prayer, geckos or partners snoring (after a few too many bintangs) these little ear plugs can be your saviour. After all everyone loves a good night sleep. 686

A new little clutch, I just HAD to have ….

My name is Melissa and I am a shopaholic, or as I like to think I keep the global economy going. This is my new clutch ( larger than a purse/wallet, enough to carry my phone, mozzie spray, suncream, cash, scooter key, yet small enough to store in my scooter seat as I am paranoid about bag snatches) I now have a quiver of wallets, clutches and tote bags made with this bright embroidered fabric. What I am confused about is if they are actually imported from Thailand to Bali or are they Bali imitations of the Hmong style of embroidery? Does anyone know ? Either way I love them and you can get purses starting from about 80 000 Rup, clutches from 150 000 and large tote bags from around 320 000 in the Bali market stalls.hmong

Splash Waterpark Bali ~ Canggu

After much anticipation, some slight delays and rigorous safety testing ….. we are soooo excited to announce that Splash is OPEN ! Located at the Canggu Club and open Daily from 10am – 8pm
Adult Day Pass Rp 240,000. Child (3 -17yrs) RP 120,000. Tickets available at Reception or at www.splashbali.com See you all there YEWWWWWWWWWWW …

Splash 1 Splash 2. Splash 3. Splash 4. Splash 5. Splash 6

Juice is just juice … isnt it ????

Let’s face it, for the convenience and having all the benefits of cold pressed juice ( the process is able to maintain the fruit and vegetables nutritious integrity better than your average blender ) delivered to your door, why on earth would you bother even getting your blender or juicer out of the cupboard. While I am yet to dive into the wholesome goodness of green juices,  I do enjoy the Happy Go Berry,  Love Potion no. 9 and Bali – Cious Daze . At 35 K Rupiah per juice you could do a whole juice cleanse with detox packages also available.  Call 0361 473 8722 or 087862391976, or email remixjuicebali@gmail.com for the range and delivery details.
Remix Juice 2 Remix Juice