~ Travelling with Babies ~

Hey everyone some of the most frequently asked queries are around travelling to Bali with little ones. I have loads of tips with what to pack listed in the Packing for babies and toddlers section of my app also, however I found the Baby Bjorn carrier sensational for keeping my hands free when my boys where little, and also a really light weight collapsible stroller with sun shade was the best to use getting in and out of taxis and also for at cafes and restaurants so my bubbies could nap in the shade. I found them really useful for the airport also as you can on most flights carry them up to the plane door then fold them to put in the cargo hold. In many tourist area the foot paths have improved so much since my boys were little so that’s also a bonus. If you don’t want to lug all of your baby gear with you, please contact the gorgeous Helena at www.balibaby.com to hire top of the range products for your little ones. xxxx

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Bali Family Villas

A gorgeous new web site which focuses on Family travellers is http://www.balifamilyvillas.com/ . This team see Bali accommodation through the eyes of parents (they have three boys themselves). The Villas they represent are both practical and enjoyable for those travelling with children or for extended groups needing lots of bedrooms.  Emily, Justin and their boys have been living in Bali and are very experienced at Villa management and have all the best connections so can help with complimentary car seats for airport transfers, baby cots and high chairs as well as pool fence hire and babysitters. Ask them about family celebrations,  floor plans , enclosed living rooms, play rooms, toys and kids menus.  Guests receive a gift for  the kids and family friendly help and advice during their stay. Beautiful Private Villas start from $200 – $2000 per night.
 BFV KId with Canang Sari BFV PLAY Ground BFV pool Fence baby BFV Pool Fence BFV Shallow Pool BFV WHITE BUNKS

Uluwatu Beach, South Bali.

The famous Uluwatu Beach is one of our faves at the moment. To get there takes about 50 minutes from Kuta and you can hire transport guys as listed in the Little Miss Bali app for a full day for around 600 000Rup for a new car and a driver with great English. The beach is not easy to get to if you are very unfit, have bad knees or with children in prams ( easy with a baby bjorn or the likes) . You head to Blue Point Villas and past Single Fin shop and Bar and just keep heading down the stairs, basically most paths all lead past small warungs and stalls. Possibly around 600 stairs. Avoid eye contact with most sellers as they are renowned for how persistent and assertive they are ( keep in mind they are trying to earn a living however the Ulu’s tax on your basic sarongs, hats etc is pretty steep) . Unless you want a particularly unique souvenir ( or your 9 yr old does ) of a Rastafarian coloured Ulus hat with a monkey shooting a gun on it then bargain really hard ). There are loads of odd sized stairs which lead to a concrete narrow walkway( one person at a time only) with no hand rails and a steep set of skinny stairs ( which back in the day was just a bamboo ladder). Avoid eye contact with the cave monkeys too however they are usually rummaging through the sacred cave offerings for lollies and then you need to duck and weave your way through some narrow caves to this beautiful white sandy beach. Please be cautious of the tides changing and go at low tide, ( tide charts on the internet will help you time your visit) . Beautiful for mermaiding around, epic surf, crazy crabs to catch, perve on hot Brazilian guys or you can sit in the shade of the overhang and play your ipad ( whilst your slightly paranoid mother calculates the risk of it collapsing. Head back up the stairs and enjoy a beer as the sunsets into the sea. The Edge bar is a little less cool than Single Fin above it but easier to get a beer. Grab some BBQ corn on the cob for the drive home.











Green Bowl Beach, South Bali.

This is the beautiful Green Bowl Beach, A popular white sandy/surf beach which was named from the roundish rocks which protrude at high tide with green seaweed on them I believe. Not sure why but all my friends have always called it Green Balls. Either way its kind of near Nusa Dua in South Bali and most transport guys can get you there. There is possible nearly 1000 stairs to walk down ( which is all fine as you get close to the beautiful turquoise water, however you do realise your may be in a little trouble when your legs are a little shaky when you get to the bottom and think oh oh I have to climb back up them. We popped down in late afternoon and enjoyed the serenity while Brad surfed. However ……. as you all well know Rocco and I are not fond of monkeys and I sat in the shade of the caves and Roc threw a coconut around I could hear rustling in the trees above. I thought to myself I hope Roc cant see what I can see as these huge monkeys slowly clambered down to see if we had any treats for them. Roc came tearing out of the waves to say mummmm , quick we have to leave there are monkeys. We packed up headed back to the stairs, the tide had risen and a huge wave pushed us onto the rocks so my towels were all wet and Brad had started the journey up. Roc was getting hysterical as the monkeys followed and for some reason he started to say MUMMMM they are going to eat our skin off , which panicked me more. He become frozen with fear, I was feeding off his fear whilst Brad was yelling ‘just walk don’t look at them’. HAHAHA I can laugh now. Anyway we got to the top and as I was gasping for air ( not too fit at the moment) a gorgeous man came over and handed me a baby coconut for rehydration. I see Brad and Rocco heading straight for the car I take a breather at the café … then these incredibly forceful Ibu’s ( ladys) with the most muscly fingers ever start massaging me in a group of three. I say “tidak terimakashi ” repeatedly, but they just want some cash. I try to finish my coconut while Brad and Roc a laughing at my predicament from the safety of the car. I get up to run from the mean old ladies who don’t take no for an answer to only have a thong blow out and stubb my toe. !!! Arggggggg anyway don’t let this little adventure put you off. It is a stunning piece of Bali which should be enjoyed with caution including flesh eating monkeys( harmless) 1000 stairs ( great for your butt) , aggressive massaage ladies ( avoid eye contact at all costs and get straight into your car and get your driver to get you a refreshments from the little warungs ). For more great beach suggestions download the Little Miss Bali App and see the Beaches Worth Exploring section. 






The Shang ~ China Blue

I love The Shang – China Blue, on Jl Kayu Aya, Seminyak, for all kinds of gifts, clothing and ornaments. This gorgeous little store has the prettiest traditional baskets which for a set of three is only 370 000 rupiah. Some stunning summery outfits and also at Christmas time the cutest tree decorations. Its located just near the awesome Café Zucchini, and I think may have a sister store on Jl Dyana Pura Seminyak. Stock up on the traditional baskets as they are perfect for gift wrapping or even storing all your bits and pieces and bring a beautiful piece of Bali into your home. Just make sure you spray them with bug spray and bang each item the day you leave to get any little bugs or eggs off then you wont have any problems as long as you declare them going through Australian Customs.




Cacho’s Sunset Grill, Padang Padang, Bali

This place quickly became our favourite while hanging out on the Bukit. A fun place with a bit of history and character of an owner and awesome play list ( well for old farts like us anyway) with surf movies to enjoy as well. A breezy and really casual eatery with a tasty home made chili sauce, where you are encouraged to take your shoes off and relax. A Mexican place with fresh delicious meals, kids options, colouring in and great frozen daiquiris and margaritas, what’s not to love. I had to laugh reading one woman’s review on trip advisor taking offense to some of the signs on the walls which are all in drafted up in humour. My boys keep asking when we will be going back for the delicious Chicken Taco’s so it must be ok. Cacho’s Sunset Grill is located in Padang Padang on the main road as you head up to Uluwatu. Its about 40 minutes from Kuta depending on traffic.






” A Day in Paradise” a day pass at the Grand Nikko in Nusa Dua.

The boys were pumped to spend ” A day in paradise” at the Grand Nikko in Nusa Dua. This place is about 30 minutes on the new Tol Road from Kuta and perhaps 40 from Seminyak. You pay 200 000 Rupiah per adult ( 1 child per adult free) to enjoy the resorts facilities for the day. We haven’t spent much time in large resorts so even the 15 story high lift with a window was an adventure. Set on one of the most pristine beaches this grand resort was built around 18 years ago however has been immaculately maintained. Included in the day pass you get to use their pool towels, the huge lagoon which includes a man made beach, specific wading pool for toddlers with crocodile slide, a super hot spa, a waterfall and the best bit is the superfast water slide. I had to road test it of course and yep it was fast and fun. The pass also includes 15% off food at The Shore Restaurant and 25% off the Mandara Day Spa. I booked in for a 50 minute Balinese massage and it was pure bliss. A little more than I normally pay ( about $65USD) however all the extras such as beautiful clean white sheets, quality oils and great technique was perfect. While I was enjoying a massage as part of the day pass the boys had 1 hour free access in the Jungle Camp Kids Clubs. Possibly one of the best on the island. With trampolines, climbing wall ( supervised with safety ropes in the mornings) play station, dress ups in traditional Balinese outfits, books, puzzles crafts, PlayStation and more the kids club is perfect to get the kids out of the midday sun. Then it was back to the pool are for about 100 more runs on the slide. We enjoyed a huge club sandwich and sate chicken for lunch by the pool with watermelon juice. We spent about 5 – 6 hours enjoying the resorts facilities and we can recommend it, particularly if you tend to stay in villas or are just looking for a fun day trip. There is actually some great surf breaks just out the front for the surfers in the family and some small beach warungs and massage ladies at the small public beach to the left of the hotel if you want to keep the costs down also. My boys were absolutely shattered on the drive back and both fell asleep which is pretty unheard of for these two active little guys. Here is the link, The Grand Nikko is in Nusa Dua, South Bali. Thank you to Emily for a great suggestion, from Bali Family Villas.com and her review via the Little Bali Love website.
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Pirates Bay ~ Nusa Dua

Arrrrrggg Me Mateys, set sail for the high seas and visit Pirates Bay Bali in Nusa Dua. It’s a great playground for the kids to get all Captain Jack Sparrow around. My boys love to run, swing, climb and play hide and seek in the huge tree houses and boat. It’s 50 000 rupiah to play or free if you have a drink or bite to eat at the cafe. Located in the BTCD area at Nusa Dua,(just to the right of the Melia Resort or the left from Opera Beach Club , and right near the public Mengiat beach) As listed in the Little Miss Bali App in the Kids Fun section :) x











Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Ramayana Fire Dance.

They say that every visitor to Bali should see at least one dance and if you plan to see only one then this should be it. The combination of ancient ritual, dance, humour, drama, sunset and cliff setting makes the Kecak Ramayana Fire Dance one of the most spectacular performances imaginable. Accompanied by a choir of chanting men with it truly is a special memory that will stay with you long after you leave. You need to arrive around 5pm ( aim earlier as it gets sold out most evenings and traffic can get hectic on the way up the Bukit. Under an hour from Kuta, make your way to one of the most famed Temples on the island. There are loads of monkeys hence our local friend Suweni made the boys a scary stick to keep them at bay. Don’t take food, bananas sunglasses etc as they are well known for taking these from you. have ever if they do a sneaky cookie or something could make them drop your possessions for the treat. You need to pay around 10 000 donation to the temple for a sash and sarong which you need to return. You then can go in and explore the temple, the specially built monkey pool and walk along the tragic cliff edge where 100’s of Balinese ended their lives rather than be ruled by the Dutch many years ago. However don’t leave it too late to head to stunning amphitheatre to grab your seats. Set high on the cliff top, this is truly a moving experience with the priest blessing the performance prior to the show commencing. There was actually a storm brewing out to sea tonight so it was incredibly dramatic as the sun set and rain clouds swirled. The chanting men were mesmerising , the costumes elaborate and the white monkey Hanoman hilarious, be warned he may pick on you! my boys were absolutely fascinated with the show, with love, large knives and dancing and humour. Will Hanoman make it out of the fire alive ? that is the question ??? It is a fantastic show that lasts around 50 minutes I highly recommend it !