La Laguna

La Laguna has finally opened after being careful planned, created and built in the somewhat secret location between Jl Batu Belig and Jl Pantai Berawa. From the talented creative team which has brought you La Plancha and La Favela. To get there is a  tricky as its down a little dirt track just after La Finca, heading towards the beach. If your on the beach its south of the LV8 Resort. This place is quickly becoming popular with expats and tourists alike when they can find it. With an excellent, well priced cocktail menu and tasty tapas menu, set amongst gypsey caravans and bohemian cushions. Even the toilets are uber cool ! My fave is the La Laguna Breeze cocktail and another great choice is the espresso martini. Cocktails from 120 00 Rup this place has been added to the Little Miss Bali App in the Cocktail Spot Section. Watch out for the Spansih Dancing horses, strutting peacocks and feisty Geese !


Amazing Cultural Spectical to behold !

Do you want to see the real Bali ?
~ WAR DANCE / MEKARE-KAREAN~ . The Pandanus war is a tradition in the village of Tenganan just over an hour from Kuta. Pandanus war is conducted in honor of Lord Indra who is known by the Tenganan community as the protector of their village. Lord Indra is the God of war in the Balinese belief system. The name Pandanus War is taken from the war ornaments that were used, in this case a thorny pandanus branch. Each participant battles each other until a winner is decided. People who engage in this tradition wear traditional clothes and are often shirtless. In addition to using a pandanus, participants also use a shield as a means of protection. The tradition of Pandanus war was first used in the surrounding villages for protection against Gods

This traditional War dance happens in July 4th, 2015 if you are keen to witness this authentic Balinese experience for only 400 000 rupiah per person, please book soon via Rio Bali Tours
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Uforia Chocolate ~ Jasri, East Coast Bali

If you LOVE chocolate and are on the east coast of Bali then way out east, past Candi Dasa ( about 10km) ( about 5 km past the Bali Chocolate Factory where the swings are) is where they create this delicious, high quality locally grown chocolate. With sensational flavours ours being the Vanilla, Espresso and Cashew blends, once you have tried it you really will never want other brands again. Lucky for us you can find Uforia Chocolate around the island  ( see the photo in the album of where you can buy it. ) only been operating for 18 months, the smell in this teeny tiny little chocolate factory is just dreamy. You can purchase blocks from 35 000 Rupiah from here also. YEHAAAAAAA ! its not really geared towards tourists however we were totally welcomed and enjoyed seeing what happens to create this divine food for the soul ! For more details and to make contact head over to their website


Bali Chocolate Factory ~ Jasri, East Coast Bali.

This place is pretty dreamy, with giant “swings of enlightment’ and chocolate, who could really go wrong ! ( apart from a terrifying goose that i suspect may bite ) . The Bali Chocolate factory is great place for a day trip, possibly around 2.5 hours from Kuta. About 10 kms past Candi Dasa. Make a day of it and stop in at Virgin Beach, see the lotus pond in Candi Dasa and head on out past the beautiful ( yet winding so don’t be hung over ) road to Jasri. You will see a tiny sign as shown in the album to turn off to your right, and past the coconut grove. You will arrive. Taste the peanut crunch and a couple of other chocolaty options, then climb the ladder and launch yourself off on the huge swing. It is amazing the sensation of dropping down and swinging through the coconut trees with the view of the stunning east coast beach scape. I gave a huge ‘ eeeeeeeeep ‘ much to the locals delight as I let go and enjoyed. This place can get busy on Sundays and on Indonesian Public holidays so perhaps head out mid week. Just personally I think the chocolate is much better at Uforia which is just 5km up the road and a teeny place not quite set up for tourists but pop in and grab a few blocks while your out this way.  


The Palms ~Nusa Ceningan 

Whilst your enjoying the sights of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan perhaps pop on around to The Palms Ceningan. Up the hill, around past the large temples, beyond the markets, over the bridge, past Le Pirates, past the cliff jump, follow the signs and you will end up here. A wide selection on the menu, yummy juices, cold drinks and good nasi goreng. The pool is clear and the view amazing. There is a surf break at the beach below however the waves kind of fat and slow the day we went, alhtough there was a crowd of surfers trying to catch some waves. A beautiful place to spend the afternoon, remember your suncream, hat, towel and thongs as it gets HOT HOT HOT on the deck in full sun ! ENJOY . xxxx


Warung Bu Edy

If you are on a budget or just LOVE great local cuisine, when on Nusa Lembongan, you have to pop in to Warung Bu Edy. For 20 000 rup, you can get delicious spicy, coconut chicken, veggies, corn fritter, rice peanut sauce and sambal to take away or dine in. Go early as she sells out ! Located on the main road Jl Jungut Batu on your left as you are heading away from where the boats drop you off ! 


The Beach Club Sandy Bay ~ Nusa Lembongan

As you can tell by the photos we have been hanging out here a fair bit. The Beach Club at Sandy Bay Nusa Lembongan is a solid, all round place to hang out for breakfast , lunch, dinner, icecreams, cocktails, pool side hangs and I am pretty sure they had a little wine cellar which I will check to see if it was actually a wine shop !). It is a little tricky to find ( not if you follow the signs or get a pick up from your accommodation), however is worth it. Whilst its not a swimming beach at all, it is very beautiful and great for the kids to make race tracks for hermit crabs. You can come just to enjoy the pool /towel and sunlounge for a small fee or the food here for a meal is one of the best on the island. The kids are welcomed with colouring in and a great range of options for them  to eat (Beau does love a bit of bacon with his choclate milkshakes ). Worth travelling for perhaps around 15 minutes from the main bay and along the journey you will see one of the largest temples on the island, a bit of the locals farming life and there is actually a really cute boutique just in front, which I will share details of in another post. We can highly recommend The Beach club at Sandy Bay, the prawn pasta was the best I have ever had and the watermelon with vodkas where so good I had to try three of them !!! Yehaaaaaaaa x



Warung Agung ~ Nusa Lembongan

Warung Agung Beach Cafe​ is a tiny, low key place, around the northern end of the island, past the guy taking the 10 000 rup and before the mangrove forests. There is a strip of casual eatery’s along this stretch of the island serving up fresh grilled seafood and local cuisine, low priced, slow paced island life with your feet in the sand. Don’t be in a hurry, relax and enjoy. This place named after the view of the Mt Agung on the other side of the sea in Bali. Its a little slice of island heaven just perfect for young coconuts, a snorkel or splash for the kids, or to laze around in the hammock with a book ( or your ipad if your like Beau) and just really chill out. The wifi was fast and the pace is slow. Another one of my faves ! x


Crystal Bay ~ Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay is only a 20 minute boat trip from Nusa Lembongan, it will cost you around 120 000 rup per person roughly or about 500 000 rup per boat for a few hours and if you speak to Made at the Sea Coral Shop or organise with The Lembongan Traveller to get it sorted for you, its too easy. Get up earliesh ( around 8am departure time), then explore the coast line around Lembognan and Cenigan, then cross the channel, keep an eye out for teThe Devils Tears, The yellow bridge, the huge sea caves on the way around. Also enjoy the large whirlpools on the ocean and bumpy waters where the tides are changing. You can trawl for fish on the way or head straight to the drop off to catch a glimpse of the Giant Manta rays. The water is beautiful and clear and visablity was amazing. Beautiful corals and loads of tropical fish all from the cast of Finding Nemo. Then head around the cove to the beautiful Crystal Bay. This place is just dreamy, if your early enough you will miss the crowds and have the bay to yourself with just a few locals and their friendly dogs. You can grab a cool drink or snack at the small warungs, sip on a baby coconut or take your own fruit. The water is incredibly clear and warm. The snorkelling straight off the beach is sensational also. Be very aware of the currents in the bay when swimming or snorkelling and always listen to your captains advise and instructions, they have grown up on these waters and know it better than anyone. There is a large beach club for the Bali Hai customers which tend to arrive on large yachets around 10:30 – 11ish, which kind of spoils the tranquility however as suggested go early and miss the crowds and this place is my perfect dream bay …… 


The Deck Cafe and Bar ~ Nusa Lembongan.

Situated underneath the gorgeous resort Batu Karang, is The Deck cafe & bar, a tiny, yet high quality little place serving up some of the best food and drinks on the island. The most dreamy location and set over a few levels the food and drinks really do rival the location and view ( well not quite as the view is like fully EPIC). Open from 7:30 til late I really recommend you pop on down and check it out. It can get really hot in the sun on the lowest deck so make sure you have your suncream on. Sit back and relax. Some of my faves are the stress reliever juice, the egg and bacon roll ( not very photogenic by ohhh so fresh with good sauce ratio) the coffee, the potato rosti however the highlight for me at the Deck is their Cosmopolitans ! Tots amazeing as I watched the bar tender warm a piece of orange skin to rub around the glass I knew it was going to be good, SENSATIONAL ! and they have happy hour as well. Be sure to add it to your list of places to try. I will be adding it to the Cocktail, Coffee and breaksfast recommdendations in the Little Miss Bali App x