Not sure what to do this afternoon….

Call Bodyworks and make an appointment for a Massage, Hair Cream Bath , Manicure, Pedicure or Facial or the whole lot. Leave a little early and pop in to Allegra, Samantha Robinson Handmade Seminyak and walk down to Mist. After a spot of shopping you should be ready for your spa treatments and when thats complete and you feel totally sublime pop around the corner into The Boat Shed for some browsing and then finish with a coffee, cocktail , Fresh at Sea Circus. You could top all this off by a dinner at the beautiful La Lucciola xxx


13 thoughts on “Not sure what to do this afternoon….

  1. Hi, I have only been to Bali once which was 10 yrs aso. Looking to visit in late Feb for a week. Looking for advice on where to stay. Needing 3 rooms as will be me my husband and 3 yr old along with my mother and brother who need there own rooms. Like the idea of a villa for space but also want to have restaurants and atmosphere on the dooir step. Looking for at least 4*. Would love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks Eve

  2. We are travelling to bali in August and trying to find somewhere to stay. There 5 couples and 7 children ages from 4 down to 12 months. We are finding it hard to book online as soon as we put how money it goes back to beginning. We would like to stay legian or huts but legian first choice is there any sites that would be helpfull. We have done the normal hotel booking sites

    Thanks Wendy

  3. Hello, just wondering if you have any recommendations for transport from airport to seminyak? And wondering how much should this be? Thanks

  4. hi was wondering if you could recommend any bakeries or cake shop where i can order cupcakes or a cake for my husbands 40th please.

    Thank you. 🙂

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