Sanity / Marriage Savers

Many years ago whilst laying poolside, with boring mock tail in hand, heavily pregnant, pondering how our life was going to change when the wiggly, hiccuping, indigestion creating, creature would arrive. I noticed a chubby, happy, white baby being overly protected and totally enthralled by a Balinese woman in a smart white uniform in the hotel garden. I thought hmmm what’s going on there ? Then out if the corner of my eye I saw a couple in their Bali going out finest ( shorts, Tshirt, dress and thongs) wander over and kiss the baby and wave goodbye and pretty much skipped off into the sunset. The white suited woman tickled and sang as the baby giggled in delight. I thought to my self I have got to get myself one of those.


4 thoughts on “Sanity / Marriage Savers

  1. Such a shame that a “family holiday” no longer means spending time together but instead dumping the children with a complete stranger while mum and dad just run off….

    Family values are seriously worrying nowadays 😦

    • Its up to the family I think with many families not having family, friends or networks to have time away from their kids, so how nice to be able to have some time in Bali with quality service for such an affordable price. Not sure this is a judgment on their values whatsoever.

  2. I agree, nobody knows the circumstances of this couple. Maybe at home they cannot afford to use babysitters when going out, maybe they don’t have family around them that they can leave their children with for a bit of quality time together. The children in this photo look very happy and content to me. Hope you both enjoyed your time out together.

  3. We attended a relatives wedding in Bali to which no children were invited. Out of necessity we hired a nanny (rather than leave the kids at home in Australia). She was brilliant and I am planning on using a nanny again when we visit later this year. We found the kids too hot, too tired and too difficult to walk the streets with us as much as we wanted to especially after dinner when it’s really time for them to wind down and go to bed. A nanny is a perfect solution, keeps everyone happy and really isn’t that what holidays are about!

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