How exciting to be mentioned in someone else’s blog !

just a little bit louder now

We’re heading to Bali mid next year & I am very excited!  Hubby & I have not been away (sans kids) since the having of them – which by then will be 8 yrs ago.   As far as I’m concerned we never really had a ‘proper’ honeymoon, & certainly no babymoons – so I figure we owe ourselves a little trip.  It’s only proper wouldn’t you say?

There’s a problem.  I have been all over the internet looking up accommodation & I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer choice!  Villa?  Boutique Hotel? Swanky resort? Beach? Laneway? Poolbar – these are still popular surely?  I have been asking everyone what they think & thus far it’s been absolutely no help & I am more confused than ever!  I’m pinning some hope on  Little Miss Bali who run a great facebook page chock full of all things Bali – what a…

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