Bali Textiles ~ The weaver from Tenganan

The traditional ikat weaving process describes the way the pattern is made. It is a very time consuming business. The undyed yarns are tied together in such a way that, when the frame containing all the yarns is put into the die, they remain uncoloured. It is called a resist-die technique. Repeated tyings and dyeings eventually produce a textile of beautiful multi-hued patterns. 

It is only made in three places in the world: Bali, Japan and Gujarat in India.

The geringsing textiles of Tenganan Pegeringsingan are produced by the double-ikat method, geringsing literally means against sickness. These cloths are said to have magical, protective powers and are frequently part of the ritual costume of the village.

 geringsing are handmade from start to finish in a process that can take ten years. The village of Tenganan itself, lies at the head of a narrow valley two miles from the east coast of Bali.

I stumbled across this magnificent photo of a woman weaving on the net, all I can see is the photographer’s details are simpleyoga.


Deus ~ Temple of Enthusiasm

So this place seems to blend some really cool elements to create an excellent vibe. Thai fusion food, board shaping, bike rebuilds, a half pipe, great quality clothing but what actually blows my mind is that Wolfmother played in their courtyard. WOW.

Not the best recording but I think you get the idea xxx


Sea Circus

I really love Sea Circus on Jl. Kaya Ayu [Oberoi Rd] in Seminyak, I find it really versatile in that its beautiful for breakfast, lunch, tapas’ and dinner, or even just for ice cream or coffee. They do really good cocktails also and throw the most amazing parties and functions. It has one of the most famous bathrooms on the island with many patrons stopping to take a selfy ( a photo of oneself with your own phone) in the beautiful mirror. I love to pop in after a massage with Ifa at Bodyworks and a spot of shopping at Mist or The Bali Boat Shed.

Make sure you pop in on if your close by I promise you will keep coming back. xxx