How to get around the island


Make sure when you get in a taxi it is has a meter  and that the taxi driver is willing to turn it on. There is usually a flag fall and I recommend Blue Bird Taxis (generally less dodgy).

Most fares should cost under 30 000 IDR for a ride between Kuta and Seminyak, so make sure you have small change to pay. Some Taxi drivers will say they don’t have small change on them and be unwilling to give you change from larger notes.

Motor Bike Taxi’s are also popular, make sure they are wearing a vest which clearly shows you their registration number. This is evidence they are part of a legitimate company.

Here are a few quality transport guys to assist you around the island.Be sure to discuss any tours or adventures you are considering, as I am confident they will be able to assist you.

Phone: +628123774269
( call from Australia or text message)
Phone: 08123774269
( Bali call)

Dewa Jernat
Phone: +62 813-3804-4755

Ketut Pica
Phone: +62 853 3940 4489

Tommy Holick
Phone: +62 878-6014-3777

9 thoughts on “How to get around the island

  1. Dew Jernat is a great bloke to show you Bali. He is very willing to go out of his way so whatever you choose to do is memorable.

  2. I highly recommend Dewa Jernat, he goes that extra mile for his customers, awesome service, funny & he loves taking photo’s, I wouldn’t have anyone else drive me around but Dewa.

  3. “Once they meet you, hard to forget you”
    Dewa Jernat, he has been our driver, guide and friend for the 4 trips to Bali I have taken. He is such a wonderful guy and goes that extra mile to help you and organize everything for you. I recommend him to all my family and friends and he has helped them like he has done to me and as soon as they arrive home they contact me thanking for recommending him because of how wonderful he has made their holiday and experience of Bali. The amazing places I have been in Bali and experienced is all thanks to Dewa, thank you. When going contact him and have an amazing holiday that you will never forget 🙂

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