Worried about booking a non existent Villa ?

204I have heard of people recently booking a villa and only to pay a deposit and the find out the Villa does not actually exist. To avoid this and help you identify the perfect villa for your family or holidays needs, book via these very reputable agencies. They have some magnificent Villas on their books and you will get the best rates and treatment if you mention Little Miss Bali with your inquiry.




5 thoughts on “Worried about booking a non existent Villa ?

  1. Hi LMB,
    I am slightly concerned after reading this post as I have booked a villa called Umah Di Desa through TripAdvisor direct with the owner & I am pretty sure it is the exact same villa as Bali Souls Villa Village. I am now concerned that i have booked something that doesnt actualy exist. The owner seems very legit & very helpful. They also have there own website http://www.umahdidesa.com/. Do you know anything about the villa I have booked as I have a small child & it is my first time to Bali I would hate to not have anything booked upon arrival, thanks again for all your help LMB

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