~ Water Babies ~

Beau Pool

If your kids are absolute little fish and will swim for hours in the pool, just be aware that the roughness on the bottom of the pool combined with hours of waterlogged skin can cause blistering and when this dries and splits can be a little sore and bleeds. Consider having antiseptic lotions handy for such a time and consider taking the kids to a non swimming adventure to allow wounds to dry and heel. Ear infections can occur quickly in Bali again to water remaining in the kids ears my friends hot tip is to put Aqua ear in each night to keep the ear canal dry and water free for as long as possible, If an ear infection presents , dont let it ruin your holiday, get to the Apotek( chemist) preferably one with a Doctor in it as they will prescribe and anesthetic / antibiotic ear drop immediately. Finally goggles are a must as the many of the pools are heavily clorinated and childrens eyes become red and sore very quickly so take a good pair from home. xxx

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