Kreol Kitchen on Jl Drupadi Seminyak

Kreol Kitchen on Jl Drupaid Seminyak

Do yourself a massive favour and pop into Kreol Kitchen.The eclectic fit out at Kreol Kitchen conjures up a past of a by gone era. Lime vintage Tupperware, 1976 tea towels made into lampshades provide an edgy interior whilst 1950’s silver trays carry tea cups and slices featured in the Country Women’s Association cookbooks. Smells of baking permeates throughout the café and the sounds of obscure jazz tracks allows for the body and mind to completely be at rest. A back view falling onto a rice field where you can sit and linger over breakfast or lunch reminds you of where you are, Bali. The menu at hand screams of a Melbourne eatery but there a few surprises like the Kreol platter that features Mauritian Creole pickles chutneys and exotic curries. Kreol kitchen caters for vegetarians, children and also offers frozen pastries for take home consumption.

Kreol mint slice

Kreol Pasties

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