Miss Debby ~ Fixed Price Bali Trinket Shop Legian

If you are after some Bali trinkets perhaps a polyester Spiderman costume, monster hat, skull Tea light holder, stubby holders, Bintang towels ? pretty much all the stuff you see in the markets and don’t want to barter then perhaps head to Miss Debby. Her shop is fixed price, she has a small shop front which she prefers you go and ask to be taken around the back however we just wandered straight around no problems. The shop front is on Garlic Lane in Legian or Jl Sahadewa and two shops down you will see a lane way head to the end and walk through the elaborate arch way. It’s really neat, there is a cool breeze, it’s all fixed prices so no need to barter. Have fun and shop up a storm ! xxx





2 thoughts on “Miss Debby ~ Fixed Price Bali Trinket Shop Legian

  1. Took your advice and went shopping at Debby’s for fixed price shopping.Can’t argue with the quality of goods but when it came to paying the fixed price ( not marked on goods) the price changed seemingly at her discretion.We walked out thinking we had been short changed.Sat down to add up the cost to find we were overcharged by roughly 50%! Went back to challenge her about the overcharges to find prices had changed and her maths to be questionable!Left with a bad taste in my mouth.Should no better I Suppose.Its Bali after all and the customer beware!

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