ATM users BEWARE !

An Awesome TUESDAY TIP ( from the team at PLAN A Bali – Events and Costumes) : We hear so many stories of people coming over to Bali for a holiday, using the ATMs to take cash out, and forgetting their card inside the machine, only to find… it missing by the time they remember it and come back. This is because most of the machines give out the money and receipt before the card, and often once you get your cash, you forget about the card as the cash was the reason you went to the ATM in the first place. It is such a hassle trying to cancel your card from overseas, apply for a new card, get money transferred into someone else’s account just to be able to enjoy your holiday. Well a way to minimise this is to look for the BCA ATM machines. We have found that these are one of the few machines that actually eject your card before the money comes out. So if you happen to have a big night, it’ll be a lot easier looking for “that blue ATM” rather than trying to remember a card in a sequence of transactions you are not familiar with.

Plan A

Paper Planes

So I got a hot tip and had to check it out and it has the big tick of approval by Little Miss Bali. So much so that I have added it to the Cheap & Cheerful Dining Ideas in my App. Paper Planes is a great little Malaysian inspired Warung serving up fresh wholesome yummy food for around 35 000Rup. My recommendation would be the Hainanese Chicken or the Laksa, however the Pork looked amazing also. Located in Jimbaran you will find locals and in the know expats dining here. Pop in see for yourself its YUM xxx

Address ~ 22b, Jalan Danau Batur Raya, Taman Griya, Jimbaran

Phone ~ +62 812-3831-1818

Facebook ~

LaksaPaper Planes Sign 2

Paper Planes 6 Paper Planes SignPaper planes tables

Taman Nusa Cultural Park

For those of you who love a bit of history and culture,  you might enjoy the new Taman Nusa Cultural Park ( just near the Bali Safari Park)  which aims to offer comprehensive information on the cultures of Indonesia’s various ethnic groups.  You can see Indonesia in one Afternoon! It offers  comprehensive information on the cultures of Indonesia’s various ethnic groups in an attractive and interactive way, and is situated on 15 hectares of land.  Visitors are invited to explore and experience Indonesia’s journey throughout the ages beginning from the prehistory, bronze age, kingdoms, and an archipelago of Indonesian cultures. The journey continues to the early national era, independence, modern times and finally to the nation’s future. For more details check out the website.

Taman Nusa 7

Taman Nusa 2

Taman Nusa 4

Taman Nusa 5

Taman Nusa 6

Taman Nusa Borobudur

Taman Nusa