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Nusa Lembongan is fast becoming THE place to travel. Recently voted by Trip Advisor as Asia’s #2 island destination – and it is little wonder with its crystal clear water, crisp white sandy beaches making it ideal for surfing, snorkelling and diving. If you’re not the active type and hubby is, you will have plenty of time to relax by the pool of your villa or resort, check in for a massage and facial or perhaps take time out doing yoga.
Nusa Lembongan has a relaxed village vibe that makes holidaying a pleasure for the entire family. Teenagers can take a boat out to the surf, then grab a bite to eat at a local warung. There are plenty of resorts and villas that are well suited to younger children who provide cots at no charge and also offer reliable babysitting services.
Getting to Lembongan is made easy with the service of Rocky Fast Cruises who will have you landed on the island within 30minutes of departing Sanur. The boats depart four times a day and include pick up and drop off at your hotel / villa in Bali, or the airport. You receive 10% discount off your return transfers when booking accommodation through The Lembongan Traveller.
It is worthwhile remembering that few places on the island accept credit cards so bring your cash! There is one ATM on the island and a number of money changes who offer competitive exchange rates to the mainland Bali.
The island has recently seen a burst in development of villas, now offering families a range of options from staying in an exclusive luxury villa to more budget style accommodation which has everything you need for an island holiday without having to pay top dollar. Some awesome recommendations from The Lembongan Traveller are :
Villa Pantai
A luxurious beach front island hideaway which sleeps 18 people and includes 6 suites plus a 7th which is a kids bunk house. This is the only villa on the island where you can safely drink the water from any tap – great piece of mind for those who forget that you must drink bottled water in Bali! From AU$1100 / night
Villa Pisang
A stunning 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa that has ocean views, a huge infinity pool that the kids will LOVE and is only a two minute walk to the beach. Amazing value, includes breakfast, sleeps 8. From AU$225 / night
Naturale Villas
This brand new property is located in Mushroom Bay and has a spacious family Villa which can sleep up to 6 people. The property has a pool, restaurant and is ideal for families or couples. From AU$120 / night for family villa and AU$50 night for traditional huts.

Lembongan has a mix of warungs which serve suburb local cuisine or you can indulge in a fine dining culinary experience.

The Top Warung recommendation ~
Nyomans Warung along the mangrove – if you go with a group ask for a banquet, you will be back the next night wanting the same all over again!
Ph +62 878 619 26765

Fine Dining recommendations ~
Gastronomic acclaimed French chef Clement Fouquere and his team are renowned for ensuring you have a truly special culinary experience as you discover the pleasures of Asian flavours mixed with skills of traditional French gastronomy.

Nusa Lembongan is an idyllic island oasis for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of mainland Bali. You cant shop for designer clothes but you will have some truly amazing family holiday memories as you explore the amazing underwater wildlife, take a bike ride back in time through the villages, watch the seaweed farmers go about their daily life, look out to Mt Agung silhouetted in the distance or sit and watch the sunset with a cocktail, we think you will find it pretty addictive.
A huge thank you to Tania at The Lembongan Traveller for sharing all of her knowledge, for the best range of accommodation options go to their facebook page
or browse their website.
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~ Travelling with Babies and Toddlers ? ~

Here are my tips for what to pack: 1. Bring your own portacot to ensure cleanliness and safety standards (or hire one from the gorgeous Helena at  . 2. Bring swimming nappies, preferably cloth ones to help reduce rubbish in Bali ( they are available however they are expensive and hard to find) and dirty nappy bags. 3. A mosquito net for cot is a must. 4. Bring a stroller which can lay back, has a sunshade and can collapse easily into a taxi. 5. Bring a sling like a Baby Bjorn for when your babies are tiny, they are great  for the airport as well. 6. Bring muslin sheets or use the Villa or Hotel sheets in the cot. 7. Bring  wipes as the ones in Bali are highly perfumed. 8.Take some nappies for the plane however you can purchase Huggies or Mama Poko which where my preferred brands to use. 9. You could take a large container with a lid to disinfect bottles ,dummies and baby spoons etc with Milton tablets. 10. Take your own preferred brand of Formula (  I wouldn’t be trusting labels you can not read or understand and many brands in Indonesia have loads more sugar). 11. My babies mostly spent time in a nappy with a long sleeve T-shirt for sleeping in, so don’t take too many clothes. 12. An infant friendly mozzie repellent( citronella stickers or natural spray are both available in Bali at Chemists and Supermarkets) and sun cream ( suncream is available in Bali however it is not up to Australian Standards or offer both UVA and UVB protection). 13.  Bring Floaties and a wide brimmed hat 14. Bring Hydrolyte icy-poles to keep toddlers hydrated. 15. My babies ate mashed banana’s, mangoes, yogurt, rice , fruit, toast, pancakes etc however you can purchase baby food in jars in many places or I can highly recommend Mini Muncher Bali who will deliver frozen natural baby food to your hotel or villa. 16. I would take baby rice cereal, however you can purchase in Bali however the ingredients are often in Indonesian. 17. You can get fresh milk, soy milk and rice milk in Bali. 18. A sarong is very handy to use as a sheet or sunshade. 19 I would take a small bottle of your preferred baby soap and shampoo from home as in Bali it is  not quiet the same and I would wash them in the bathroom sink to attempt to avoid them swallowing any tap water. Really, it is only their bottoms that need a wash anyway. 20. Take some baby Nurophen, baby Panadol although readily available in Bali, the dosage is tricky if written in Indonesian and traffic can be slow at times so with an unwell baby/toddler a little pain relief in an emergency on the way to the Bali International Medical Centre may be handy. Love from LMB xxx This is my Baby Rocco a few years ago loving Bali  🙂 Rocco

Seafood on the Beach ~ Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Jimbaran Bay

Hey team I created this list of the best Jimbaran Bay Seafood Beach Restaurants while back, its in order of my preference, let me know if anything has changed. Some say the seafood is overpriced, some say they felt ripped of as they saw the food that arrived at the table was smaller than what they picked out of the eski’s. Its definitely not a place you want to see in day light as its pretty grubby, but great at sunset and by candlelight and add the tasty flavours, the cover band, the fireworks, its more about the whole experience rather than just the sometimes overcooked seafood itself, I love it ? xxx
My top picks for Seafood on Jimbaran Bay ~
1. Menega ( near the Four Seasons )
2. Muaya ( near the Bali Intercontinental)
3. Jimbaran Bay Beach Club
4. Beluga ( great for families with children)

Planning your Bali Wedding


If we are being totally honest it won’t be as easy as you hoped and unfortunately Bali isn’t as cheap as it once was and we will explain why later, however keep reading we have some ideas for you to make it all come together as you have dreamt. I always tell people that the prices may not be as cheap as they once were, but your money does go further here.

We are constantly being inundated with queries about how to plan a simple beach wedding. This will also take a fair bit of organization and will incur costs. Brides and grooms to be don’t realize this and anything they choose WILL cost money.

Things to consider first:

Can everybody travel?

Make sure the people you want coming are able to travel: Overly pregnant women ( later than 26 weeks struggle to get travel insurance) and the elderly will have issues getting on planes. Tash from Plan A Events and Costumes has experienced a couple make some preliminary inquiries as their dream wedding would be in Bali and we went through all the options and confirmation. The Bride then got back toTash the next day completely broken hearted because her father was older, and said he straight up did not want to (or feel able to) fly anywhere for her wedding. Of course it was a priority for her to have him there, so she had to cancel and have in in Australia. So while its ultimately up to the bride and groom where they want to wed, if there are certain people they cannot marry without, its wise to check they can actually fly on the dates they want, or at all!

Is a chapel important?

There are a growing number of chapels available for couples to get married in. However they only fit a certain amount of people, and for larger weddings, people are often standing in the back, all the way to outside the chapel. It does come at an extra cost as well and eats up time. Unless the couple is particularly religious, having the ceremony done in the villa instead of a chapel will save money from 1. Rental of the chapel and 2. Transport of guests to and from the chapel.

Legalising the wedding

Just because you get married in Bali, doesn’t mean it’s recognized in your home country. Getting legally married in Bali is definitely possible, but will take about a day to go to get it registered with the consulate and will cost extra as well. It is advisable to speak to your chosen celebrant and compare the cost difference between a legal wedding in Bali and getting your marriage certified in your home country and then just doing the ceremony here. Many couples opt for that.


This is probably where most people get frustrated. They see a location they love, but don’t realize that there will be hidden costs. For example. Most villas that hold weddings require a minimum night stay. On top of that you need to pay a bond to hold your event, plus another payment (usually equivalent to a nights stay) and this is known as the event fee or the payment to have an event there in the first place. There is also the banjar fee ( for the local village) which ranges depending on location. Most places also require music to finish by midnight (some even by 10pm!).

Perhaps consider these recommendations of villas that offer a reasonable price in relation to the number of people they sleep.

Our choice: LaGen – Uluwatu 5 bdrm, Villa Bulan Putih – 7 bdrm, Villa Rumi – choice of 2, 3 or 4 bdrm…or choose all for your guests to stay there too making it 9 bdrms but all separated. Villa Asante – 4 bedroom

Food & Beverages

This is an area that has a huge gradient between cheap and expensive. Like anything, you get what you pay for. Indonesian food by Indonesian caterers tend to be cheaper, and western food or canapés start getting pricy.
Price is especially variable where drinks are concerned. Sometimes people comment that the drinks we do can be quite expensive and I always have to explain that now, to get ‘real’ alcohol, you will have to spend it. And when it comes to your health and a good time, its worth spending the extra cash. (And by expensive, we mean western prices).


This can get pricy. Especially if you are using imported flowers. Keep it simple and only use local flowers. The florist usually also has access to his own chairs and lanterns, so you can do that all at once with him and get a discount usually rather than go to 3 separate vendors and pay full price for each thing.

Ok here is a guide to give you a basic idea.

Budget wedding (no venue) AUD$700 (inclusive of experienced Wedding planner)

–          Celebrant performing a ceremonial union on the beach

–          Bouquet for the bride, buttonhole for the groom

–          Driver to pick you up from your villa and drop you off at your dinner/final location

–          Reservation organized for your dinner

–          Pictures taken by witness

Budget wedding 20px: AUD $7,000-$9,000 50pax: AUD $10,000-$12,000 Not including cost of wedding planner as this will vary depending on the number of guests and also not including venue) .

–          Food and drinks

–          Dj

–          Speaker & lighting

–          Celebrant

–          Photographer

–          Cake

–          Florist, chairs and lanterns

Main difference between starting prices is dependent on the alcohol package they choose and the flower package they choose (seriously, flowers can get so pricy!). These prices are not including the venue which would obviously depend on which one you choose and how many nights you stay. People can refer to the ones above if they want to work out a total.

 In Summary ~

  1. Local is always cheaper. The minute you start going for western vendors (florists, caterers etc) it’s going to be more expensive. It’s up to you to decide what you want to spend the bulk of your money on.
  2. Risk the rain and come in the low season. You’ll be saving immensely on the nightly rate for your venue.
  3. Get your guests to bring a bottle of champagne or wine each. Cheaper than here and then you only have to pay corkage fee with the caterers instead of super expensive sparkling.
  4. Decide what your maximum budget is. Remember that a big portion of that will go to the venue, a big portion to f&b and the last big portion to the florist. The rest is usually quite easy to find affordable options.
  5. Wedding favours don’t have to be elaborate. Make it something light that people can travel back home with and that doesn’t cost you a fortune. Those silver boxes ( pressed tin)  you find everywhere in Bali are really affordable and you can just leave a thank you note in them and people will be happy enough with that as a keepsake and can use it to put their jewelry or fill up with wax at home to make their own candle. Speaking of candles, you can get nice ones at affordable prices at ACE hardware. By going to big chain stores here in Bali you can often find cheaper goods then going to shops who ‘specialise’ in wedding things as they hike up the price.
  6. Don’t use a chapel. Have the ceremony at your chosen location.
  7. Chooses Indonesian caterers and Indonesian food.
  8. Go with a recommendation for make up artists, from someone who has had them before. Make up trials cost money so if you know the look you want, and you trust the person who has recommended the artist, just stick with it and get the first and final makeup done on the day.
  9. The more elaborate and the more layers your cake has, the more expensive it will be. Cut the cost and have a very simple small cake to cut, and have the rest as simple cupcakes that people can come grab if and when they want. In addition, not everyone likes cake, so get about 1/3 less than the number of guests coming, or do you really need a cake?
  10. Easiest type of food is finger food for the whole night then setting up a noodle or fried rice station at around 10pm. Sit down dinner requires more tables, chairs, linen etc. Stick with simple. Everyone will still get fed.
  11. For things like photography, makeup, and hair always check if there is someone on the guest list that could donate this as a gift rather than hire one in Bali.
  12. Keep costs at a minimum with music by making a playlist to play from the moment the ceremony is over and throughout dinner. Keep the dj for just the last couple of hours for the dancing/party after.
  13. If you don’t even want to hire photographers, create a unique hash tag for your wedding day i.e. #mikeandlisasbaliwedding2014. When people take pics and upload them (which they will) make it a condition to always use this hash tag. It might be long, but they’re doing the work so after the wedding, all you need to do is type this into instagram and facebook, and every photo taken at your wedding by every single one of your guests will come up. Cheap way to get every angle possible at all times of the party!
  14. Entertainment options for your guests vary from Balinese dancers to fire dancers to acoustic singers…the list goes on. If you are planning to be there for the entertainment and want to cut the price, make the speeches at this time instead. It’s just as entertaining, free, and best when there’s not too much alcohol involved so you can actually remember them. If you are planning to have the entertainment for your guests when you are your partner are off getting photos after the ceremony, cut costs by having the the MC (nominate one just as you would bridesmaids and groomsmen) play a slideshow of the two of you. Something that you create so you know what’s on it already and aren’t missing out.
  15. At the end of the day, the biggest tip I can give is HIRE A PLANNER! It might sound cheaper to do it all on your own, but by paying just a little more, you will benefit big time:

–          Don’t have to deal with language barriers,

–          Don’t have to constantly deal with 100 different emails, names and quotes to remember. Especially when you get to Bali and are meant to be relaxing!

–          With a planner you would only need to make one deposit and one final payment minimizing the number of times you get charged an international transfer fee. Doing it a million times for all the different vendors, the fee that’ll incur will end up being the same as what a planner would have charged, minus the hassle

–          Planners have reputable vendors. Going through them ensures you wont be ripped off or receive substandard products.

–          You get to RELAX! At the end of the day, this is your special day so leave the nitty grittys to someone else!

A huge thanks to Tash at Plan A Events and Costumes for all of her amazing ideas and suggestions. Tash has over 6 years industry experience and 10 years working in Indonesia and knows how to make magic happen.

Contact Tash about your wedding or event ideas