Seafood on the Beach ~ Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Jimbaran Bay

Hey team I created this list of the best Jimbaran Bay Seafood Beach Restaurants while back, its in order of my preference, let me know if anything has changed. Some say the seafood is overpriced, some say they felt ripped of as they saw the food that arrived at the table was smaller than what they picked out of the eski’s. Its definitely not a place you want to see in day light as its pretty grubby, but great at sunset and by candlelight and add the tasty flavours, the cover band, the fireworks, its more about the whole experience rather than just the sometimes overcooked seafood itself, I love it ? xxx
My top picks for Seafood on Jimbaran Bay ~
1. Menega ( near the Four Seasons )
2. Muaya ( near the Bali Intercontinental)
3. Jimbaran Bay Beach Club
4. Beluga ( great for families with children)

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