~ Quick Reference Exchange rate card ~

So being fairly mathematically challenged and loving a bit of a shop, I didn’t want to rely on a calculator with all those zeros. I used to write up a little cheat sheet on the back of a business card and take it in my wallet everywhere. It was awesome to pull out when negotiating at the markets or sometimes when browsing at high end boutiques, finding something I loved only to discover it wasn’t the bargain I had initially miscalculated the price to be. You could round it down to the nearest 10 000 and kind of looked like this –

   Quick Reference Card
   Indo Rupiah       AUD
    10 700               $1
    53 500               $5
  107 000               $10
  214 000               $20
  525 000               $50
1, 070 000           $100

Happy Shopping 

Love LMB xxx

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