~ Ladies Only ~ what the ??????

I don’t know about you gals, but I like to hang out in some Facebook Groups and chat to other people, one in particular, (Bali Expats) has become a really grumpy zone with heaps of people criticising others etc. I was about to leave the group however I am now glad I didn’t, as  last night was pure gold. The delightful Kristy posted a curious question on behalf of her ‘ friend’ ( wink wink ). The question was ‘who knows where to go in Bali for a ‘ ratus massage’?’. Keen to help out I quickly got onto Google to make sure I knew what she was asking about and WOAH ! did I learn about a whole new world of beauty treatments. Most of you know I am a prude, so will leave you to go and Google and discover what this massage actually includes. Something along the lines of vibrations, bathing, massage and smoking … yep smoking…..( on your private parts or as some I have since learned refer to as a ‘Love Taco’) yes you can experience all of this in Bali I will try to find our where this happens, I also have since learnt its all the rage in Los Angeles and that Robert Patterson ( Twightlight guy) is really tall and mesmerising. Lets just say what followed was lots of  * laughing out loud* , inappropriate comments, more curiosity, some clear advocates of the treatment and hilarious images being  posted. The topic somehow drifted slightly off to the handsome Bradley Cooper.  Lets just say it might take a few (hundred) cocktails to entice me to experience and blog about the mysterious and intriguing ‘ ratus massage’ so I might need a volunteer to do it for me. Not really sure why images of Thailand some time mind either ……
Brad Cooper

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