Juice is just juice … isnt it ????

Let’s face it, for the convenience and having all the benefits of cold pressed juice ( the process is able to maintain the fruit and vegetables nutritious integrity better than your average blender ) delivered to your door, why on earth would you bother even getting your blender or juicer out of the cupboard. While I am yet to dive into the wholesome goodness of green juices,  I do enjoy the Happy Go Berry,  Love Potion no. 9 and Bali – Cious Daze . At 35 K Rupiah per juice you could do a whole juice cleanse with detox packages also available.  Call 0361 473 8722 or 087862391976, or email remixjuicebali@gmail.com for the range and delivery details.
Remix Juice 2 Remix Juice

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