A new little clutch, I just HAD to have ….

My name is Melissa and I am a shopaholic, or as I like to think I keep the global economy going. This is my new clutch ( larger than a purse/wallet, enough to carry my phone, mozzie spray, suncream, cash, scooter key, yet small enough to store in my scooter seat as I am paranoid about bag snatches) I now have a quiver of wallets, clutches and tote bags made with this bright embroidered fabric. What I am confused about is if they are actually imported from Thailand to Bali or are they Bali imitations of the Hmong style of embroidery? Does anyone know ? Either way I love them and you can get purses starting from about 80 000 Rup, clutches from 150 000 and large tote bags from around 320 000 in the Bali market stalls.hmong

7 thoughts on “A new little clutch, I just HAD to have ….

  1. Hi Melissa. I came across your blog while browsing on embroidery subject. Looks like you are having a fab time living in Bali (who wouldn’t?! :-)). If you do like embroidered clutch / bag, come and visit my site widjabroderie.com 🙂

  2. Hi Little Miss Bali, just returning from Thailand and having bought a smaller purse version for a gift, I can confirm they are definitely Thai! And yes, I chose exactly the same print for about THB100 (approx AUD3.50). Could this be the start of a little business venture between no so little Ms Phuket and yourself?

  3. hi,my name is tomoka.
    I am Japanese.
    Sorry for the massage .

    i will go to Bali.
    i wanna the bag that in picture with you at Bali.
    Would you like teach me about the bag?
    Where you bought it ?

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