A warning about temporary tattoos for children in Bali ~

Selamat Pagi, everyone,  I do warn against this in my App however can this be a timely reminder. This is a poor little 6 year old’s scarring, 6 months after her Bali holiday. Please do not get a temporary “Henna Tattoo” or allow your children to get one when in Bali, as the chemicals used can cause permanent scaring and an adverse reaction and it is possibly a concoction of hair dye, bleach, boot polish and kerosene. Xxx


Tumpek Pengatag ~ blessings for the grass, trees, crops and plants.

Today is Tumpek Pengatag, where the Balinese Hindus celebrate and bless the plants and trees. This is held 25 days before Galungan on the Balinese calendar. Balinese Hindus give their offerings to plants as an expression of gratitude for the food and many roles plants play to assist in life.
Blessings take place all over the island throughout villages and temples, with people creating arrangements of flowers and fruits as offerings. Whether Hindu or not – Tumpek Pengatag is a day to remind all people to respect, take care of, and live in harmony with nature .


Tiki Painting Class for the kids at Bermain ~ Toy and Gift Shop Brawa.

This weekend at Bermain ( 33 Jalan Pantai Brawa ) in Canggu, they are holding fun craft class painting these awesome Tiki wood carvings. They make a great wall hanging or room decoration. My boys love meeting other island kids from around the world. This session is suitable for ages 7+ & you can buy tickets in store for 350k inc tax, materials & snack. Phone +62 812-3766-9042.

521Tiki Painting