The Beach Club Sandy Bay ~ Nusa Lembongan

As you can tell by the photos we have been hanging out here a fair bit. The Beach Club at Sandy Bay Nusa Lembongan is a solid, all round place to hang out for breakfast , lunch, dinner, icecreams, cocktails, pool side hangs and I am pretty sure they had a little wine cellar which I will check to see if it was actually a wine shop !). It is a little tricky to find ( not if you follow the signs or get a pick up from your accommodation), however is worth it. Whilst its not a swimming beach at all, it is very beautiful and great for the kids to make race tracks for hermit crabs. You can come just to enjoy the pool /towel and sunlounge for a small fee or the food here for a meal is one of the best on the island. The kids are welcomed with colouring in and a great range of options for them  to eat (Beau does love a bit of bacon with his choclate milkshakes ). Worth travelling for perhaps around 15 minutes from the main bay and along the journey you will see one of the largest temples on the island, a bit of the locals farming life and there is actually a really cute boutique just in front, which I will share details of in another post. We can highly recommend The Beach club at Sandy Bay, the prawn pasta was the best I have ever had and the watermelon with vodkas where so good I had to try three of them !!! Yehaaaaaaaa x



Warung Agung ~ Nusa Lembongan

Warung Agung Beach Cafe​ is a tiny, low key place, around the northern end of the island, past the guy taking the 10 000 rup and before the mangrove forests. There is a strip of casual eatery’s along this stretch of the island serving up fresh grilled seafood and local cuisine, low priced, slow paced island life with your feet in the sand. Don’t be in a hurry, relax and enjoy. This place named after the view of the Mt Agung on the other side of the sea in Bali. Its a little slice of island heaven just perfect for young coconuts, a snorkel or splash for the kids, or to laze around in the hammock with a book ( or your ipad if your like Beau) and just really chill out. The wifi was fast and the pace is slow. Another one of my faves ! x


Crystal Bay ~ Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay is only a 20 minute boat trip from Nusa Lembongan, it will cost you around 120 000 rup per person roughly or about 500 000 rup per boat for a few hours and if you speak to Made at the Sea Coral Shop or organise with The Lembongan Traveller to get it sorted for you, its too easy. Get up earliesh ( around 8am departure time), then explore the coast line around Lembognan and Cenigan, then cross the channel, keep an eye out for teThe Devils Tears, The yellow bridge, the huge sea caves on the way around. Also enjoy the large whirlpools on the ocean and bumpy waters where the tides are changing. You can trawl for fish on the way or head straight to the drop off to catch a glimpse of the Giant Manta rays. The water is beautiful and clear and visablity was amazing. Beautiful corals and loads of tropical fish all from the cast of Finding Nemo. Then head around the cove to the beautiful Crystal Bay. This place is just dreamy, if your early enough you will miss the crowds and have the bay to yourself with just a few locals and their friendly dogs. You can grab a cool drink or snack at the small warungs, sip on a baby coconut or take your own fruit. The water is incredibly clear and warm. The snorkelling straight off the beach is sensational also. Be very aware of the currents in the bay when swimming or snorkelling and always listen to your captains advise and instructions, they have grown up on these waters and know it better than anyone. There is a large beach club for the Bali Hai customers which tend to arrive on large yachets around 10:30 – 11ish, which kind of spoils the tranquility however as suggested go early and miss the crowds and this place is my perfect dream bay …… 


The Deck Cafe and Bar ~ Nusa Lembongan.

Situated underneath the gorgeous resort Batu Karang, is The Deck cafe & bar, a tiny, yet high quality little place serving up some of the best food and drinks on the island. The most dreamy location and set over a few levels the food and drinks really do rival the location and view ( well not quite as the view is like fully EPIC). Open from 7:30 til late I really recommend you pop on down and check it out. It can get really hot in the sun on the lowest deck so make sure you have your suncream on. Sit back and relax. Some of my faves are the stress reliever juice, the egg and bacon roll ( not very photogenic by ohhh so fresh with good sauce ratio) the coffee, the potato rosti however the highlight for me at the Deck is their Cosmopolitans ! Tots amazeing as I watched the bar tender warm a piece of orange skin to rub around the glass I knew it was going to be good, SENSATIONAL ! and they have happy hour as well. Be sure to add it to your list of places to try. I will be adding it to the Cocktail, Coffee and breaksfast recommdendations in the Little Miss Bali App x





Bali Eco Deli ~ Jl Jungut Batu , Nusa Lembongan.

We have been hanging out here a fair bit, it may be because of the coffee, the hugs from Sabtu, the chocolate brownies, the fast wifi or just because its totally great. Situated on the main drag the Bali Eco Deli is making a difference one plastic straw and bottle at a time. They have the coolest recylcing program going on, offer the funky metal drink bottles to purchase and refils and are really challenging our use of plastic. As you know we have been adjusting to carrying around our glass straws and feeling proud that we have possibly avoided around 25 straws now, I know that doesnt seem like much but hey I am trying. Although upon reading the sign about god and the kittens my kids are a little disturbed smile emoticon. Rocco is a massive fruit lover and Beau well he has a choc shake additction so pictured here with all his dreams coming true with a choc brownie into the shake he says ” is there really a brownie in there ?”. Anyway pop in and refil your water bottle, catch up on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy.


Exploring Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is the small island just of the coast of Bali. It only takes half an hour by fast boat these days from Sanur. Lembongan is ideal for surfers, divers, snorkelers and for anyone wanting a really relaxed laid back holiday. There is no shopping or upmarket restaurants, no nightclubs and not much traffic. There are no cars as such mainly push bikes, motor bikes, water taxis and a few open backed people movers to transport luggage and guests to their accommodation and between restaurants. I would pack as light as possible, and only what you can carry ( almost like hand luggage size or back packs) although with some transfers the guys will carry things for you, help them out and pack light). Keep in mind as you need to get in and out of cars, get onto boats etc and depending on where you are staying possibly walk up the beach or stairs to get to your accommodation. There are no jetty’s or wharfs as such so depending on the swell and sea conditions will depend if you get wet or not while getting onto the boats and Rocky Fast Cruises are the best. If you are prone to sea sickness grab some Antimo tablets or sachets for the kids and take them an hour before hand pack a few spew bags also for the little ones if you are not sure as we had a kid behind us spewing his little heart out the hole trip) . The main bay, Jungut Batu has the most beautiful crystal clear water at low tide and several popular surf breaks including Ship Wrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds each catering from beginners to pro levels. Mushroom Bay is nice for a swim and some great people watching and I think you can get on the banana boat ride too if you wish. Stand Up paddle boarding is popular along most of the beaches and you will pay around 100 000 per hour to hire a SUP. Dream beach is beautiful for a swim in low tide and had a great little restaurant with pool to enjoy a few hours for a small fee of around 50 000 rup per person.  The currents around Lembongan are notorious and deadly so you really must keep your wits about you at all time, let people know where you are going and when your are due back, do not do things beyond your capacity, keep a very close eye and know your children’s capabilities. I would not be heading to Lembongan if you had complex medical issues as there is no hospital and only 1 small Doctors clinic which was rarely open. I would perhaps also consider changing your money in Sanur before you go for a slightly higher rate. There are several reputable money changes and some ATM’s however they can run out of cash and the exchange rate was a little lower. You can get all your basic supplies in the small local shops however I would certainly take a large amount of quality sun block as it is super hot when the sun is out. Things like nappies, wipes etc were also fairly tricky to locate so I would suggest you bring them with you. You can take your own snorkels, goggles and fins however most of the guys providing boat trips can supply these with vests for smaller children and adults at times. On your boat trips enjoy seeing the giant manta rays, loads of tropical fish and coral, feed the giant fish around near the mangroves or if your’re lucky enough you may bump into a few sea turtles. The water is warm and beautiful however I need to repeat the currents are very, very strong so keep your children very, very close and make sure people know where you are going stick with the group and don’t venture too far from your boat. Most boat trips depending on who you book through and how long you are going for are around 120 00 per person or 500 000 for a few hours, pop in and see Made at the Sea Coral Shop at the bottom of the stairs in the main bay just near the boat drop offs and he will sort you out. Transport around the island is walking, push bikes, open aired trucks, motor bikes( you can hire golf buggies)  or water taxi. The roads are in poor condition in most places, full of pot holes etc which is kind of ok as it keeps the traffic slow. To hire a motor bike expect to pay between 70 000 – 75 000 rup per day. You can get people who will take you on the back of their bike also ( sorry not sure how much they charge). Keep in mind if you have an accident on the motorbike your travel insurance may not cover you for medical expenses. Grab a map and perhaps familiarise yourself with the main roads and routes around the island, it is larger than it seems and there are some signs about, and all roads do almost lead you to where you are heading. Be careful if you are riding the motor bike for chickens crossing the road and highway bandits around the island ( small kids selling bracelets and trinkets which wont let you pass without a high-five and a few purchases). At the northern end is a vast mangrove forest and the most magnificent views of Mt Agung and at the other end you can cross the yellow bridge over to Nusa Cenigan. The much larger island which is what you can see from Bali is actually Nusa Penida ( this is the most magnificent place for diving and exploring will do more posts about Crystal Bay etc which is only about 20 minutes by boat to get to) You can enjoy day trips to Nusa Lembognan if you plan in advance and know where you are heading to make the most of your day. I do think its better to enjoy a few days or more to really get into the relaxed island vibe and take your time to explore all the beauty this little island has to offer. The accommodation on the island starts with the most basic bungalows which are just a bed and possible a toilet from around 200 000 Rupiah per night, a little more fancy with a shower and possibly small pool right on the ocean in the main bay including TarciBungalows,  Ketut’s Losman, Mainski, and Nusa Indah are in a great location for easy access to the surf and for families wanting beach access. Tigerlillys is not on the beach however a really nice small boutique resort on the main road  and for more upmarket stays perhaps have a look at the beautiful  Indiana Kenanga in the main bay Batu Karang up on the hill or even the Hai Tide Huts around in Mushroom Bay.  There are some stunning villas located around the island also however I am yet to check them out. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page and Instagram account for loads of photos tips and places to see for a drink, coffee, to eat and hang out ! I will also be adding them to the Little Miss Bali App when I get time ! Yehhaaaa we LOVE Lembongan.            

Tarci Bungalows ~ Nusa Lembongan

We have been staying at Tarci Bungalows on Nusa Lembongan. This place meets all of our requirements – it’s low key, directly in front of Shipwrecks Surf break, very easy on the budget, has a great little restaurant and pool, very friendly staff, really comfy beds and air conditioning. The rooms have a nice little shady veranda and at sunset they bring out the bean bags and traditional umbrellas to enjoy a few beers on the beach. An awesome place to stay for families and couples on a budget. We love it ! For all enquiries and bookings go to –

Tarci 4 Tarci 8 Tarci 9 Tarci 10 Tarci 13 Tarci 1 Tarci5

Getting to Lembongan

Many, many years ago we would all be packed into a cramped bus, doing hundreds of pick ups from all around the island to get onto a small open boat. The stench of back packers B.O and sweaty/hungover people who had literally just stumbled out of the Bounty was putrid and and the whole trip would take most of the day. Wow how things have changed, now you can be picked up from your hotel or villa in the comfort of an air conditioned car, be escorted to a shady spot while your luggage is packed and whisked over to Lembongan within half an hour. You are there before you know it or can say ‘pass me my spew bag’ ( take some Antimo Pills they work a treat ) and then you can jump in the back of a little people mover and assisted with your luggage right to your island accommodation. Leave it to the team at Rocky Fast Cruises to take care of you. With 4 boats leaving each day you can make the most of a day trip or your holiday and explore all the beauty that Nusa Lembongan has to offer. If you want some help with all things Lembongan then chat to the team at The Lembongan Traveller as they truly are the experts. xxx

Rocky 1 Rocky 6.

Got a Late Flight ?

We all love to get away for holidays and enjoy the luxury of buffet brekkies and lazy days at the hotel, but it all gets a bit depressing when it’s time to checkout and your last day looms before you. Late flights home don’t always coincide with hotel checkout times and we are often left with the conundrum of what to do with all that luggage and where to spend those 8 hours between leaving the hotel and lobbing up at the airport.

Don’t spoil the end of your holiday with a boring day of wearily waiting all afternoon at a warung with a load of luggage and for transport to arrive. Check out of your hotel and into Canggu Club for the rest of the day and finish your island holiday in comfort and style. Bali Res Centre and Canggu Club are offering the perfect solution to late night flights, last day long faces and an opportunity to make the most of your final afternoon in paradise!

This terrific package is available to anyone, regardless of where you are staying in Bali. Upon arrival at Canggu Club, reception staff will tag and store your luggage securely so you and your family can relax and take full advantage of the multitude of options available for entertainment, exercise, pampering and play!

Keep the kids cool and amused with a few hours of energetic fun on the slides at Splash Water Park or drop the younger ones of to Cubby House Kids Club. Splash is safe, supervised by fully trained life guards and the perfect place to keep your kids entertained and out of your hair as well as an outlet for expending all that excess energy, not necessarily needed for the night flight home.

With younger members of the family engaged for the afternoon, take advantage of the air conditioned fitness centre and make a start on working off some of those holiday indulgences with their full range of cardio, fitness machines and free weights. If that sounds too much like hard work, simply continue to indulge yourself with a massage, facial or beauty treatment at Body Temple Spa!

Refuel at the Verandah Cafe, Splash Poolside or The Club House Sports Bar and then refresh before your flight home with a shower in the male and female change rooms after your day of fun in the sun. There is free WiFi throughout Canggu Club so you can keep up to date with flight times, coordinate pick-ups on arrival at home and send those last minute holiday pics.

Canggu Club is also home to Strike Bowling Bali, Bounce Bali (Bali’s first and only trampoline centre) and a Tennis Centre.

In order to ensure comfort and luxury all the way until you are seated on the plane, Bali Res Centre can also coordinate transfers via private car from Canggu Club to the airport, VIP fast track departure service and JAS lounge access including free flow alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot and cold refreshments and WiFi before you fly.

Don’t let your holiday in paradise end on a low note.

For more information on this fantastic solution to last day travel logistics, contact Bali Res Centre today to organise this departure day package and check in to Canggu Club.

For Bookings Contact: or

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