Crystal Bay ~ Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay is only a 20 minute boat trip from Nusa Lembongan, it will cost you around 120 000 rup per person roughly or about 500 000 rup per boat for a few hours and if you speak to Made at the Sea Coral Shop or organise with The Lembongan Traveller to get it sorted for you, its too easy. Get up earliesh ( around 8am departure time), then explore the coast line around Lembognan and Cenigan, then cross the channel, keep an eye out for teThe Devils Tears, The yellow bridge, the huge sea caves on the way around. Also enjoy the large whirlpools on the ocean and bumpy waters where the tides are changing. You can trawl for fish on the way or head straight to the drop off to catch a glimpse of the Giant Manta rays. The water is beautiful and clear and visablity was amazing. Beautiful corals and loads of tropical fish all from the cast of Finding Nemo. Then head around the cove to the beautiful Crystal Bay. This place is just dreamy, if your early enough you will miss the crowds and have the bay to yourself with just a few locals and their friendly dogs. You can grab a cool drink or snack at the small warungs, sip on a baby coconut or take your own fruit. The water is incredibly clear and warm. The snorkelling straight off the beach is sensational also. Be very aware of the currents in the bay when swimming or snorkelling and always listen to your captains advise and instructions, they have grown up on these waters and know it better than anyone. There is a large beach club for the Bali Hai customers which tend to arrive on large yachets around 10:30 – 11ish, which kind of spoils the tranquility however as suggested go early and miss the crowds and this place is my perfect dream bay …… 


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