De Sapphire Cliff Villa ~ Uluwatu

We recently enjoyed a stay at the De Sapphire Cliff Villa, which is about 40 minutes from the airport and right near Uluwatu. This place is perfect for surfing families. They have a variety of rooms and we stayed in a deluxe villa. It was perfect for us with the kids down stairs and Brad and I upstairs from around1 700 000 per night a very budget friendly resort. It overlooks the ocean and has a great little restaurant which does pretty good coffee and also this pork three ways dish which we all highly recommend and with super friendly staff. It’s only a small resort which I really like as well. The beds where huge and comfy with good pillows and mattresses, all the linen really clean and fresh. The bathrooms have a beautiful view from the bath /shower and they have toilets both down and upstairs. There are TVs both down and upstairs and good air con in both areas. There are small balconies upstairs and down which are great to enjoy a few sips of your duty free purchases. We really love this area as it is quiet and is close to some of our favorite beaches. There is not much shopping and no nightclubs again which we love. A really great, relaxing place to stay for families.


3 thoughts on “De Sapphire Cliff Villa ~ Uluwatu

  1. You seem to get really good deals. What’s your secret? Our son and daughter-in-law live between Darwin and Legian, he is Oz, she is Indonesian, they have a nice house, but you certainly get some nice places. Love your blog. Cheers, Maree.

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