About Me

Om Swastiastu,

Hello there, I’m Melissa ( the face behind Little Miss Bali),

Along with photography, shopping and good coffee I really enjoy sharing my love of Bali.  I was first introduced to the island back in 1998, after traveling the world I had fallen in love with the people, the culture and the island. The warmth, the food, it’s value for money and variety of experiences available, are unbeatable ! As we travel around the island and beyond, when I find stuff I love I will share it with you all. Its all based on my opinion, and I hope that you find some of the information useful or simply enjoy the photos. All information provided is as accurate as possible at the time of posting. Can I suggest you research all recommendations thoroughly and make your own decisions based on the information. Little Miss Bali cannot be held responsible for any outcomes through using the information provided. You can enjoy my photos and the places we go via several social media sites.

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Me in Hammok



47 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,

    I have a few questions to ask regarding Bali and was wondering if you could help me out, pretty please!

    I’ll be getting married in Bali this November, unfortunately the hair dresser I did a trial with a few months ago did not live up to my expectations. I have heard Amo and Bodyworks is good – Is there anyone in particular that you could recommend to do bridal hair and makeup?

    I have also heard about Anto, this guy that comes to you to do messages or healing – would you know how I could get in touch by any chance?

    I am also planning to have an informal ‘welcome’ dinner and drinks for my family friends the weekend before my wedding. Potatohead would be a nice place but they only take bookings for max 18 ppl – and anything more would be have to be held at the event deck area. What would you recommend would be an ideal area for a welcome-do?

    Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions but my wedding planner is currently predisposed and was hoping someone like you could help me out!

    Thanking you in advance,

  2. Just learning about this Word Press thing, its Yanto you mean and you need to go to him he has a facebook page. Toni and Guy Essentuels in Seminyak for your hair or Rob Peetomb Hair Salon. Not sure re Makeup possibly look at Glo Day Spa for advise. I would really be asking your Wedding planner if you are paying her for this kind of help. What about Cocoon Beach Club , or Ku De Ta for welcome do, Just an idea. Hope that helps x

  3. Hi I am visiting Bali for the first time in April. My son will be 22 months and I wanted some recommendations about what foods are safe to feed him and where. I have your app but there is no specific info on that. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated!

  4. Hi
    Thank you I did read it but I have more questions. Like can they have rice from anywhere? Do I need to buy packaged yoghurt from a supermarket? Should I stay away from meat and vegetables completely?

  5. Hi Melissa
    Having enjoyed the wonders that Bali offers over the last 20 years we have just now found your Website. We want to both thank you and congratulate you on your efforts. We obviously don’t know you but feel that the quality of this website is a reflection of you as a person. We will certainly be checking out your site on a regular basis. We head back to the Paradise island in a few weeks so will visit a number of your recommendations. Keep up the good work and stay happy.
    Regards Ray and Carroll

  6. Hi there Im heading over to bali soon and am wanting to get some fabric printed. I have pictures of the designs i wanted copied and was wondering if you know of any places around bali that would do so. Thanks,

  7. Hi Melissa
    Danielle from Bali’s Best Babysitting suggested I contact you regarding a question I have regarding finding a tailor.
    I have used the same tailor in Legian in the past but his quality has been dropping and his prices have been rising over the last few years. Any help finding a new one would be fantastic.
    I have downloaded your app and its going to be great for our up and coming trips to Bali in April and July.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards

  8. Hello Melissa,
    your blog is great! We will travell to Bali (mainly ubud and north coast) with our eight mounth old girl in may, and found some very gold ideas here!
    Can you maybe give us some advice about gold doctors with special nolegde for babies? Possibly for smal things like a cold, and also adive what to in a seriös accident (not that we expect that something happens, but it would be relaxing to habe some adresses).

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Hello, my name is Tuty. I am working in Bumbu Bali Restaurant in Tanjung Benoa. We just found your blog from overseas guest who very confused regarding Bambu Restaurant in Seminyak and our Restaurant Bumbu Bali Restaurant in Tanjung Benoa. Please kindly revised your blog which the link is https://littlemissbali.wordpress.com/category/seminyak/ since you have wrote Bambu with “BUMBU” as it was quite different meaning even though only one letter different.
    This is to avoid some missing restaurant like happen many times during this month
    Thank you

    • Hello Tuty, Thank you for letting me know, I will correct the typo now, however in the title of the post this is spelt Bambu and also the address is provided and is quite clear in Seminyak. Have a lovely day ! x

  10. Dear littlemissbali,

    I love to read your blog and it is very nice. I would like to have your email address, because I couldn’t find your contact details.

    Your email address will help me to contact you more personal.

    Thank you dear littlemissbali.


  11. Hi
    Arriving on bali on Nov 23rd depart Dec 11th. 2 adults and 3 boys 4,7&10. First trip to bali from ireland😊 any hints tips on where to stay? Should we move around or stay in one spot and day trip? On a budget of approx 100 aus $/ night?

    • Hi Liza yes for sure move around perhaps read more of the blog for ideas on places you might want to stay, I have loads of info on my Facebook page in the photo albums and Instagram also to give you ideas x

  12. Hi Melissa,

    it’s my first time to Nusa Lembongan and I will be coming from the airport straight by taking a fast boat from Sanur. Do you have any reliable contacts to share where i could purchase my ferry tickets for a reasonable price? Do you also know how much is the range i should be looking at for a one way adult tickets? Additionally, do you also know if i would be able to purchase 3G/4G data SIM Cards on Lembongan island itself? Can you advise where I would be able to get them?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Jing, please google Rocky Fast Cruises for a one way ticket. I couldn’t find a SIM card place so perhaps do it at the airport or in Sanur. I would suggest echanchging money in Sanur also for a better rate x

  13. Hi Little Miss Bali
    I left a comment on your facebook page concerning the protection of the baby being sent to an orphanage. I just saw that not only was my comment deleted but i was blocked from your page. I am a little shocked, my comment was not rude or ill mannered, and to be honest there was a lot of truth in it, that little baby does have legal rights for protection and no matter how well intention-ed the post was, it places her at risk. I commented as a mum who has adopted kids and given all of the comments left by tourists planning on trying to see her or wanting to take her in, I felt alarmed. I don’t know why raising these concerns led me to be blocked? I have no ill-will on your business, in fact I have used your page many times for travel to Bali! But in this case the protection of that sweet infant should be a higher priority and there are other ways to fundraise without compromising the baby’s rights. I wanted to message you over facebook however I cannot due to being blocked. If you ever change your mind and want to learn more about protection of children in orphanages I can suggest the work of Friends International in Cambodia, they have led the way in terms of trying to prevent tourists visiting orphanages. http://friends-international.org/.

    I hope you will reconsider, and edit the photo and orphanage location links from your post on baby Kissa.

    • Hello thanks for your message. Your comment came across as attacking, nasty and contradicting the intention of the post. I do admire your passion to your cause and share some of your concern. I have worked for a charity in Australia for twenty years supporting young people experiencing homelessness and have been an expert witness for child protection on the Royal Commission against child sexual abuse. I am more than aware of children’s rights to privacy, however also very aware that charities only survive in donations. This Charity is in desperate need, the name used of the infant not her own, the post was to raise awareness and much needed items right now as that is what these little babies need and what was required. I am aware of the community development goals required and social policy changes required . I am very much against these safe sanctuaries being open to tourist visits and do not encourage that at all if you read what I write. What is being achieved in Cambodia is fantastic however you can’t assume what is working there will also work in Bali. Can I suggest you perhaps try to raise awareness with kindness as myself and many others intentions are only of generosity, hope, kindness and support.

  14. Hi Melissa,
    We are travelling to bali at the end of January with our 10 month old and I was wondering if you knew of any good travel insurance companies that have good cover for babies?
    Thank you,

  15. Hello Melissa, how are you? …….. oh by the way, there’s a beautiful villa – beachside of Sanur for sale leasehold 28 years. Located on the main road, this 3 bedroom villa is only about 10 minute walk to the famous restaurants at Danau Tablingan, and is also about 10 minute walk to beach. Land size 1200m2 and building size 300m2.

    To see the photos and information, click http://www.balikey.com/p/1419/SEP13489

  16. Hi Melissa,
    we arrive in Bali in May with our 3 kids. we have been before but this time round we have a child who has wheat, soy and dairy allergies. just wondering if you can buy rice milk at the supermarkets and any form of GF pasta. I am intending to try and make him some meals at the villa otherwise he is limited when out.
    Thank you

  17. Hi Melissa..great web page..looking for a 2 bedroom room in Ubud..not right in the heart..not wanting to pay more than AUS 60 to 70..are you aware of any accomodation that may suit..thanks

  18. Hi Melissa, I bought a few mens t shirts in Seminyak form a store called from, it is 100% cotton and made in Indonesia, I have searched and searched and cannot find any contact details? Is there any one out there that I can contact,
    Many Thanks

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  21. Hi,
    we are in Bali ATM. This is first time.
    Two Days ago We landed and it didn’t go very well with us. One of the staff from our hotel ANANTARA Uluwatu Bali resort recommended Sea Fire Salt, We were so tired the Very first day and hungry, we ended up in Sea Fire Salt. Paid NZ $220.00 for the bbq fish which I didn’t like it al all. 😦 After the big loss I started looking up for cheap eats in Uluwatu and your and this other sites came up.
    If anyone reading this knows any places in Uluwatu please us know.
    Please help with some advises .Cheers !!
    Thanks for the great site.
    Xxx Nadia

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