Kooshy Kids 

Now why weren’t these available when my boys were tiny, such a cool idea, how good are Kooshy Kids ??? ✈️✈️✈️✈️The Kooshy Kids Kooshion is changing the way that families travel. Once inflated, the Kooshion fills the space between plane seats allowing young children to spread out and even lay flat (see pics) . Australian designed and owned, the Kooshion has now been approved on over 30 airlines, including Garuda Indonesia and Air Asia and is ideal for long haul flights, especially overnight. Unfortunately Jetstar & Qantas do not permit the use of this product at this stage. For a full list of approved airlines, to find our more, or to purchase, head to www.kooshykids.com.au

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Please help us …

Whilst Balinese Officials debate solutions to the growing issue of tiny newborn babies being abandoned in the streets like rubbish, 3 lonely little souls await clearance from local hospitals to be released to the gorgeous Vivi and her team at Metta Mama & Maggha Foundation. With gut wrenching stories of abandonment due to being born outside of marriage, to very young mothers, into absolute poverty or with health issues which parents could never manage to cope with. These tiny little humans will soon join the smiling baby Kissa ( photo by the gorgeous rowe timson photography) to be in safe loving arms, in this beautiful little sanctuary. Since opening only last year Vivi has been inundated with requests not only to help the babies, a new need has arisen to help abandoned young mothers. If you would to help grow and support this wonderful project provide a loving, nurturing environment and give these little cherubs the best chance possible, please consider donating a dollar or two. My gorgeous friends Balis Best Babysitting, Mini Muncher Baby Food Bali , Bali Baby and I have set up this You Care Fund Me to which every cent will be donated to Vivi and her team.  You Care ! https://www.youcaring.com/bali-orphans-metta-mama-baby-orphanage-bali-548427


~ Travelling with Babies ~

Hey everyone some of the most frequently asked queries are around travelling to Bali with little ones. I have loads of tips with what to pack listed in the Packing for babies and toddlers section of my app also, however I found the Baby Bjorn carrier sensational for keeping my hands free when my boys where little, and also a really light weight collapsible stroller with sun shade was the best to use getting in and out of taxis and also for at cafes and restaurants so my bubbies could nap in the shade. I found them really useful for the airport also as you can on most flights carry them up to the plane door then fold them to put in the cargo hold. In many tourist area the foot paths have improved so much since my boys were little so that’s also a bonus. If you don’t want to lug all of your baby gear with you, please contact the gorgeous Helena at www.balibaby.com to hire top of the range products for your little ones. xxxx

baby CarrierStroller 2

Don’t worry Mini Munchers is here to solve your baby food issues in Bali!

How Awesome is this ? I get asked all the time if mums and dads with young bubbies can bring their own baby food into Bali? or what’s available? or that people go to great lengths with making their own healthy options while on holiday. Anyone who has shopped for baby food in Bali will know how expensive some of the favourite brands are such as Rafferties Garden or even Hienz. Well check this out! Fresh hand made baby food available now in Bali. Mini Muncher Baby Food
purees are the 1st in Bali to be registered with the health and food
department PIRT. Mini Muncher purees offer 2 stages: Smooth purees suitable
from 4month plus and Textured purees suitable from 8 months plus that
contain No preservatives, No sugar, No salt, No colourings or flavourings
and are packaged in BPA free containers. The purees are made in a
commercial kitchen and uses purified water for the entire process. The
fruits and vegetables are locally sourced from organic farms. Orders for
fresh baby food can be placed via the website www.minimuncher.com or simply
pop down to the store on Raya Anyar Kerobokan to choose from the frozen
range. http://www.facebook.com/minimuncherbali




Triette Store ~ Jl Batu Belig Bali

Triette Store is a tiny bit of shopping heaven with the prettiest home wares, jewellery and baby clothes you really need to pop on up and have a browse. I brought the cutest batik shopping bag and resin Koi candle holder and could have done some serious credit card damage. Oh but *sigh* if I only had a baby girl they have the sweetest little girl jewellery, which reminded me of when my Opa and Oma would return from Holland with the daintiest silver jewellery for me which was very similar. Whilst checking out the rest of the little gems on the best street in Bali you need to add this one to your list. It is just near Coco and Ginger, Bathe and Bambuku on Jl Batu Belig which is about 10 minutes from seminyak at the end of Petitenget turn towards the beach ( left and follow it down to the beach.




068Triette Store 1

Run freeeeeee- Toddler friendly dining idea’s

DSC_0273 DSC_0320 DSC_0108 DSC_0114 DSC_0137 DSC_0259 DSC_0264 IMG_2461 IMG_7236 DSC_0040

Bali truly embraces children so most restaurants, cafes and warung’s welcome them. Many also have high chairs (baby chairs) available, however perhaps just ring them to check before you go or take a small foldable umbrella stroller ( best if they can layback if your tiny tot is still napping).

These places have larger grassed areas for toddlers to run (be aware of water features, ponds and pools)

Old Mans,   Jl Batu Bolong, Canggu  0361 8469 158

Red Salt,  No. 29 Jl. Munduk Kedungu
, Canggu +36 1 848 2666

Deus Ex Machina,   N8 Jl Batu Mejan (Echo Beach), Canggu  +62 361 3683395

Arivina,  Bali Equestrian Centre, Jl Karang Suwung, Berawa +62(0) 361 844 6533

Warung De Sawah,  Jl. Raya Kerobokan Kelod No. 17 Kerobokan +62 (0) 361 731 196

Potato Head Beach Club,   Jl Petitenget, Seminyak +62 (361) 473 7979

La Lucciola,  Jl Petitenget, Seminyak +62 361 730838

Ku De Ta,  Jl Kayu Aya No 9, Seminyak +62 361 73 6969

The Cashew Tree,  Jl Pantai Bingin, Bingin+81 3 5321 8157

Terracotta Restaurant,  Jalan Raya Lungsiakan Ubud,  03618989700

~ Travelling with Babies and Toddlers ? ~

Here are my tips for what to pack: 1. Bring your own portacot to ensure cleanliness and safety standards (or hire one from the gorgeous Helena at http://www.balibaby.com)  . 2. Bring swimming nappies, preferably cloth ones to help reduce rubbish in Bali ( they are available however they are expensive and hard to find) and dirty nappy bags. 3. A mosquito net for cot is a must. 4. Bring a stroller which can lay back, has a sunshade and can collapse easily into a taxi. 5. Bring a sling like a Baby Bjorn for when your babies are tiny, they are great  for the airport as well. 6. Bring muslin sheets or use the Villa or Hotel sheets in the cot. 7. Bring  wipes as the ones in Bali are highly perfumed. 8.Take some nappies for the plane however you can purchase Huggies or Mama Poko which where my preferred brands to use. 9. You could take a large container with a lid to disinfect bottles ,dummies and baby spoons etc with Milton tablets. 10. Take your own preferred brand of Formula (  I wouldn’t be trusting labels you can not read or understand and many brands in Indonesia have loads more sugar). 11. My babies mostly spent time in a nappy with a long sleeve T-shirt for sleeping in, so don’t take too many clothes. 12. An infant friendly mozzie repellent( citronella stickers or natural spray are both available in Bali at Chemists and Supermarkets) and sun cream ( suncream is available in Bali however it is not up to Australian Standards or offer both UVA and UVB protection). 13.  Bring Floaties and a wide brimmed hat 14. Bring Hydrolyte icy-poles to keep toddlers hydrated. 15. My babies ate mashed banana’s, mangoes, yogurt, rice , fruit, toast, pancakes etc however you can purchase baby food in jars in many places or I can highly recommend Mini Muncher Bali who will deliver frozen natural baby food to your hotel or villa. 16. I would take baby rice cereal, however you can purchase in Bali however the ingredients are often in Indonesian. 17. You can get fresh milk, soy milk and rice milk in Bali. 18. A sarong is very handy to use as a sheet or sunshade. 19 I would take a small bottle of your preferred baby soap and shampoo from home as in Bali it is  not quiet the same and I would wash them in the bathroom sink to attempt to avoid them swallowing any tap water. Really, it is only their bottoms that need a wash anyway. 20. Take some baby Nurophen, baby Panadol although readily available in Bali, the dosage is tricky if written in Indonesian and traffic can be slow at times so with an unwell baby/toddler a little pain relief in an emergency on the way to the Bali International Medical Centre may be handy. Love from LMB xxx This is my Baby Rocco a few years ago loving Bali  🙂 Rocco

Travelling with babies & toddlers

Babli Baby Bumbu bali Baby Cot Bali Baby Hire car seat bALI BABY MOZZIE bali baby prams

Don’t use your 20kg luggage allowance carrying baby gear!  Bali Baby have everything you need and it will be ready and waiting when you arrive. Helena and the team at Bali Baby have an excellent range of products from portacots, infant car seats, prams and strollers, sterilizers, toys, safety gates and the most amazing organic insect repellent. Much cheaper than excess luggage! www.balibaby.com