Villa Kitty Cat Rescue and Adoption Centre

I adore cats, and lost mine tragically a couple of years ago  since being a working mamma, with two little boys unfortunately I don’t have the time to care for one  ( or 120 ) of my own. So I took the chance to pop out to Villa Kitty which is about 10 minutes from Ubud for some quality time with these gorgeous feline friends.

Villa Kitty is a rescue and adoption centre for Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens.  You can find it at Jalan Ambarawat Banjar Tengahi Lodtunduh t: +62 8585 7584 131 or +62 361 981651. It was founded by Elizabeth Suttie (Henzell) in 2009 as part of a local shelter for abandoned dogs and has since relocated and grown to be the most beautiful sanctuary for the cats and kittens. The team is truly dedicated to making a difference to the lives of Bali’s  cats  they survive solely on donations to continue. Thank you to the gorgeous Dr Sinta for so genrously showing us around the beautiful facility.  Please consider donating in whatever way you can to support their work.
Yayasan Villa Kitty Bali
Jalan Ambarawati Banjar Tengah
Lodtunduh Ubud Gianyar 80751
t: +62361981651 | +6281558701737
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The word for cat ?

About 15 years ago when my now husband started working in Bali, I was in love with all the cats, I was trying to learn some basic Bahasa, and asked quite genuinely, what is the word for cat ? Trusting as I am, I thought nothing of it when he replied ‘punany’. ( He is a very cheeky man). So quite proud of my learning I went around calling all the cats ‘ punanies’ only to my horror when someone told me what it actually meant. The word you are after is Kucing. Anyway you may note most of the cats tails look as if they may have been docked or broken however take heart, they are not, its just some kind of weird little kink or defect which occurs at birth. Oh and one more note all those signs along the road saying ‘cat oven’, actually means panel beater. Xxx