Zip Lining on Ceningan

I kind of, not really, but maybe thought I would want to do this, however when I saw it I just couldn’t. Hahahaha yes call me a chicken. Roc looked at it first and said no thanks then I dared him for 1 million Rup and he was up for it. It costs only 80 000 rup and you get an icy cold water for your tension induced dry mouth at the end. It’s located on Nusa Ceningan and there is a lovely view and infinity pool at the restaurant there to enjoy a few drinks or dinner. Follow the signs to The Abyss Zip Lining for a few seconds of dare devil fun across giant waves crashing onto deadly rocks way, way, wayyy below. 

Bali Chocolate Factory ~ Jasri, East Coast Bali.

This place is pretty dreamy, with giant “swings of enlightment’ and chocolate, who could really go wrong ! ( apart from a terrifying goose that i suspect may bite ) . The Bali Chocolate factory is great place for a day trip, possibly around 2.5 hours from Kuta. About 10 kms past Candi Dasa. Make a day of it and stop in at Virgin Beach, see the lotus pond in Candi Dasa and head on out past the beautiful ( yet winding so don’t be hung over ) road to Jasri. You will see a tiny sign as shown in the album to turn off to your right, and past the coconut grove. You will arrive. Taste the peanut crunch and a couple of other chocolaty options, then climb the ladder and launch yourself off on the huge swing. It is amazing the sensation of dropping down and swinging through the coconut trees with the view of the stunning east coast beach scape. I gave a huge ‘ eeeeeeeeep ‘ much to the locals delight as I let go and enjoyed. This place can get busy on Sundays and on Indonesian Public holidays so perhaps head out mid week. Just personally I think the chocolate is much better at Uforia which is just 5km up the road and a teeny place not quite set up for tourists but pop in and grab a few blocks while your out this way.