Bambu Restaurant ~ Bali

Bambu Restaurant, Bali  is quickly becoming one of the new must try restaurants  in Bali. Brought to you by the highly successful team which created La Lucciola, Bambu is delivering a high quality Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist . Hidden unassumingly behind a high private wall you could easily pass this little gem by however this tranquil little water paradise has the most exquisite food on offer. The décor is traditional but modern.  The vibe is relaxed and you have the choice to be seated by the bar for a drink or dine at a table for your meal.   Due to the depth and amount of water it is safe to  presume its not one for the kiddlett’s.  The staff are dressed in traditional sarongs and are extremely knowledgeable of the menu and the areas of Indonesia the food has originated. Any of you who have travelled to Bali will be well accustomed to the cultural politeness of the locals inquiring where you are from, your marital status , how many children you have an your intentions and length of stay in Bali and the staff at Bambu carry this traditional on.  The food was presented beautifully with the Street Style Pancakes being a top choice. Add it to your List Bali Travellers or just download the Little Miss Bali App as this one is being added to the Fine Dining Section xxx Jln Petitenget No 198, Seminyak +62 361 8469797 Bumbu Bar Bumbu Desserts Bumbu Meal Bumbu Menu Bumbu Pavillion Bumbu Resto 2

~ Warung Enak ~ yummy and cheap Nasi Campur in Kuta.




Someone recently suggested I try Warung Enak, and lets just say I can highly recommend it to you. Excellent, fresh tasty food as the name suggests, nothing beats a bit of quality nasi campur for lunch, fish, chicken, tofu , veggies, eggs and rice and all for around 1700IR ( possibly a little more for tourist tax). It is located on Jl Sriwijaya No. 9 Kuta, and I guess you could kind of say its near the Galleria Mall.

Great Nasi Campur on Jl Laksamana

I have been getting quite a few takeaways from this place, and causing a slight ruckus due to ordering 2 pieces of chicken ( very unusual ). A great feed of rice, veggies, chicken,tofu and sambal to go, for the price of around 17 000 IR. The staff are a bit over me as I make it too hard to wrap my meal up as they think I order so much food.  It is possible I am getting a reputation for being the bule (white skinned person) that eats too much 🙂 , the food is so good I cant help it.


Warung D’ Sawah

Just on the left heading up to Canggu, past the Kerobokan intersection you will find Warung D’ Sawah, set amongst the rice paddies, with loads of grass for children to play, you enter through a beautiful little garden. The food is good with some traditional Indo favourites, the Bebek Goreng ( fried Duck) is really worth a try and I think you will be happy with the prices also.