Flat Out Mum Retreat 

Mums put themselves last on the list of priorities far too often. Besides having healthy and happy children, all Mums really want is some quality ‘me time’, a great nights sleep and perhaps a little pampering. Throw in some relaxation at a stunning villa, a giggle with like-minded Mums and an awesome Goodie Bag – there you have a Flat Out Mum Retreat! In 2016 they held two successful Flat Out Mum Retreats in Melbourne and in 2017 they  heading to Bali! Joining Olivia aka Flat Out Mum to plan this adventure, is her sister Emily who lived in Bali for almost 7 years with her family and operates the successful business Bali Family Villas. They will combine their intimate knowledge of the island with their understanding of what Mums really need to create a truly memorable premium experience. Join Olivia, Emily and a small group of other Flat Out Mums on June 9th 2017 for 5 nights AND September 1st 2017 for 5 nights. You will relax, recuperate and have some fun. You totally deserve it! For more information head to www.flatoutmumretreats.com.au

Bambu Indah ~ Ubud.

So I came across this amazing photo on Pinterest of Bambu Indah, and I immediately was drawn to stay here a while. Bambu Indah is a stunning yet distinctive boutique hotel which was carefully curated by designers and long term residents of Bali, John and Cynthia Hardy. In 2005, eleven antique Javanese bridal homes were brought to Bali and restored. Bambu Indah is available to for those seeking something a little more unique yet being comforted by the luxury and service of an intimate hotel. Bamboo Indah prides itself on combining antique architecture and design, with modern and sustainable practices in a luxury environment. Welcomed with a fresh baby coconut you are ushered into a larger space through these amazing pod like structures, the design is amazing and will leave you sitting ever so elegantly with your mouth wide open in amazement. Indulge yourself with some of the really yummy cuisine from the home-grown ingredients. As butterflies giant bees and red dragon flies float around the garden, you can make a splash into the fresh water pool. Bambu Indah does not have concrete paths as the paths are made from flat stones that are, at times, irregular. It is inappropriate for wheelchairs or strollers, but perfect for anyone looking to relax in a tranquil retreat. Whilst most pools in Bali use enough chemicals to melt your skin off, this one has been built by digging a hole, lined with high density polyethylene which is recyclable after its 60 year life cycle, and use lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which naturally cleanses, filters and oxygenates the water. A water flow system which creates a natural pool that does not use chlorine, algaecides or cement.The result? clear water so clean you can drink it, surrounded with large, beautiful stones from the mountains, a rope swing for the Tarzans in your family and deck chairs to relax. We stayed in the two room house, which is named after John’s oldest daughter, Elora, this is a house of light and style. This house is filled with Tibetan carpets and antique Chinese and Javanese furniture. It has a downstairs bedroom with a private garden bathroom. Enjoy an afternoon tea, or laze on one of the many daybeds, when you walk through the new building the view is absolutely breath taking with a huge valley below with the river, rice paddies, swaying palm trees and on a clear day Mt Agung staring back at you. Dare if you wish to climb the huge tree house and feel like you are in the tree canopy, or find the magic door in the garden leading you down the valley slope through the most fairy like garden walk, of secret pathways, Indian Jones style bridges and more. You must play with the musical instruments also they make the most whimsical sounds I have ever heard, my boys did not want to leave. We loved this place, a perfect blend of rustic charm, boutique comfort, fun and intrigue. I cant wait to return. For more details and booking inquires see the website http://bambuindah.com/DSC_0432 - Copy (2)

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An Oasis of lush, tropical, calm

Mini Boutique Inner Temple Retreats ~ Enjoy a 5 day Mini Retreat and escape to the sanctuary just near Batu Belig beach that is Inner Temple Retreats. An excellent price at around $A700 per person. Set within the most beautiful, calming gardens and traditional Balinese style villa. The retreat offers a unique experience focusing on the positivity within. If your are wanting a get away and enjoy the chance to explore Hatha Yoga, massages, spa treatments and more, Inner Temple Retreats work exclusively with small groups of participants. You have the option to embark on a creative art project and can make use of the private concierge services. Contact Emma and discuss all that this unique experience has to offer. Can you picture yourself sitting by the pool, lazying through the day after some morning yoga, focused on some artwork in feeling the warmth after a dip in the pool and being served a chilled coconut while the birds and bees buzz around you. Ommmmm Shanti xxxx



email: info@innertempleretreat.com