General Information

Bali, an Island of Indonesia, is a developing country, always keep that in mind. This is why services such as electricity, water, sewage and road systems may not be up to your usual standards.

Be very patient as Balinese use what is known as rubber time  ‘jam karet’, meaning that things in life are supposed to happen in a very relaxed fashion. There is no point rushing things.

Don’t drink the tap water EVER, not even to brush your teeth with.

Don’t become complacent about your safety in regards to walking alone at night, keeping your valuables secure and trusting strangers. Please lock your doors at all times as well as Villa Gates.

Please do not get a temporary “Henna Tattoo” or allow your children to get one as the chemicals used can cause permanent scaring and an adverse reaction and it is possibly a concoction of boot polish and kerosene.

Try not to fall for hard luck stories or scams such as competitions trying to sell you timeshare properties.

Don’t believe the taxi driver who says he has no small change and politely ask them to start the meter immediately or agree on a price you are happy with before you start the journey.

Don’t go to money changers who display higher exchange rates than everyone else and use magic calculators ( I would always recommend a reputable money changer such as BMC).

Perhaps consider using cash and cards and not relying on one or the other in case either is stolen.

Do take out travel insurance and understand what you will and will not be covered for.

Do get the doctor to come to the hotel or villa if you or your children have been unwell for more than 24 hours.

Seek immediate medical attention if you are bitten by a mammal ( dog, cat, monkey ) as rabies although reduced significantly is still prevalent in the more remotes parts of Bali.

Drug possession and use will lead to jail time and possibly the death penalty.

Please be aware of methanol tainted spirits, if someone becomes violently ill after consuming alcohol and in particular experiences blindness, you must seek urgent medical attention, this could save their life.

Do be prepared with a torch should the power to go out .

Do protect yourself from Dengue Fever. Use mosquito nets, close doors and windows, wear longer clothing and insect repellent especially at sunrise and sunset.

Do wash your hands very well with soap, after handling money, using the bathroom and prior to eating food.

Always carry one of the business cards of where you are staying, you can give these to the taxi driver with the address on them to get you home at the end of a long day!

Do explore and enjoy all the beauty that Bali has to offer.