What to Pack

My packing skills have been finely tuned, from travelling to and from Bali many, many times each year.  I hope you find my suggestions useful.

Packing for Babies and Toddlers~

For all your baby needs including transfers with infant safety seats and other equipment for hire see ~ www.balibaby.com

  • Your own portacot to ensure cleanliness and safety standards.
  • Bring swimming nappies ( they are available however they are expensive and hard to find) and dirty nappy bags.
  • A mosquito net for cot is a must,
  • A stroller which can lay back, has a sunshade and can collapse easily into a taxi.
  • A sling like Baby Bjorn when they were tiny, this will be great for the airport.
  • Muslin sheets or use the Villa or Hotel sheets in the cot.
  • Take bottom wipes as the ones in Bali are highly perfumed.
  • Take some nappies for the plane however you can purchase Huggies or Mama Poko which are my preferred brands to use.
  • I would take a large container with a lid to disinfect bottles and baby spoons with Milton tablets.
  • I took my own preferred brand of Formula ( particularly after the scare of the Chinese formula’s containing toxins).
  • My babies mostly spent time in a nappy with a long sleeve T-shirt for sleeping in, so don’t take too many clothes.
  • An infant friendly mozzie repellant and sun cream, you can purchase natural citronella stickers to put on the cot, pram or clothing and Utama Spice Natural Spray is excellent.
  • Floaties and a wide brimmed hat
  • Hydrolyte icy-poles to keep toddlers hydrated.
  • My babies ate mashed banana’s, mangoes, yogurt, rice , fruit, etc however you can purchase baby food in jars in many places.
  • www.minimuncher.com will deliver natural, fresh made purees’ and more to your hotel or villa.
  • I would take baby rice cereal ,  however you can purchase in Bali.
  • You can get fresh milk, soy milk and rice milk in Bali.
  • A sarong is very handy to use as a sheet or sunshade.
  • I would take a small bottle of your preferred baby soap and shampoo from home as in Bali it is  not quiet the same and I would wash them in the bathroom sink to attempt to avoid them swallowing any tap water. Really, it is only their bottoms that need a wash anyway.

What to pack for the Ladies ~

This can vary greatly for each individual, however I would recommend generally:

  • shorter cotton sun dresses with and without sleeves (to protect from the harsh sun and it also gets a little cool on the scooter at night or in the rain).
  • I do take shorts as well as they are better for ones dignity when getting on and off the scooter.
  • I find long dresses and pants can tend to get very hot and sweaty however may be beneficial if coming from or returning to, cooler climates.
  • You can always hire a sarong if you plan on visiting temples.
  • A full brimmed hat is always handy if like me you are paranoid about sun burn, although you can purchase all style of hats and caps over there.
  • I like to take as many bathers as I own as I find they can take a day or two to dry and it’s never a nice feeling putting on wet bathers.
  • I generally only take rubber thongs and when I am there, purchase a pretty pair of sandals for going out to dinner. I find heels in Bali are tricky as there is always stepping stones, wonky paving, ponds, slippery tiles and pathways covered in moss, sewage drains and too many cocktails to navigate.
  • If you have longer hair, I suggest you take hair ties as it tends to get very sweaty and it is pretty pointless blow drying and straighten your hair as it tends to frizz in the humidity as soon as you step out of the air conditioning. Hair bands are very useful also.
  • The hair dryers supplied are often just a puff and not enough to style your hair, so if you need an hair dryer,  bring yours from home.
  • Ladies please take your own preferred form of feminine hygiene products as the choices are very limited, however this has improved slightly in recent times.
  • I wear makeup all the time so I do prefer MAC Face and Body foundation which is waterproof , I also take Waterproof mascara and use Becca Lip and cheek tint which is also waterproof . However other forms of makeup are fine though they will generally just slip off in the sweat and humidity.
  • Many of the day spas are doing waxing now if this is your preferred method of hair removal.
  • I take quality hair shampoo and conditioner from home as the labels over in Bali do not quiet seem the same, don’t freak out if your hair goes a little weird, it is due to the hard water and humidity, I do use lots of conditioner as well as spray in conditioner. I personally like to avoid putting my hair under in the pools to avoid the green tinge ( yes you may consider me a little high maintenance but this colour doesn’t come cheap). I generally keep my hair tied back also to avoid the hat hair or helmet hair look, although in Bali it is quiet acceptable to keep your helmet on whilst doing your food shopping or whilst bargaining at the markets.
  • Sneakers or trainers may be handy if you are keen on jogging , mountain bike riding , trekking, horse riding etc.
  • There are loads of laundry’s around to get your washing done very cheap although I wouldn’t put in anything of value as they tend to use hot water which can cause shrinkage.
For the Gents ~
It will depend on what you plan on doing whilst on holiday of course, however you perhaps could consider:
  • Board Shorts
  • Dress Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Button up shirt if you plan on going to some of the up market places for a drink or dinner.
  • Rubber thongs
  • Leather thongs or slip on shoes for fancy dinners and drinks.
  • Jeans / cargo/ chino longer pants if rainy season help keep the mosquitoes  away and also good for some of the high end places to eat and drink.
  • Runners or hiking boots if your going bike riding, horse riding, quad bike riding or volcano climbing.
  • Surf Boards, rash vest, leg ropes,warm water wax if you surf.